The voice Collection Association responds to the following song:

According to Voice of China's "News Vertical and Horizontal" report: If you are a McBag, have you found that some obligatory songs have disappeared during the KTV call-in recently? Recently, the China Audio and Video Copyright Collective Management Association issued a "Notice on Ceasing the Use of Some Sued Songs", requiring KTV terminal producers and karaoke operators to delete or not provide more than 6,000 music and television works to consumers by October massage
In the announcement, the Audio and Video Copyright Collective Management Association said that in order to reduce the legal risk of users who have been licensed by the association, the producer of Karaok terminals and the operator of Karaok who pays fees to the Audio Collection Association were required to delete the music and television works listed in the annex to the announcement by October 31. From November 1st, if the right holder claims the right because the music and television works listed are not deleted, the users need to bear the legal consequences on their own.male massage
Zhou Yaping, a famous musician and acting Director-General of the Sound Collection Association, responded in an interview with VOA: delete songs and follow the rules according to law. According to the relevant provisions of the Copyright Collective Regulations, the Sound Collection Association can only grant licenses on behalf of works authorized by its members. The rights of more than 6,000 works published in this time are not members of the Sound Collection Association per capita. Therefore, it is the act of acting according to law and exercising the responsibility of collective management of spa
Zhou Yaping: The design of collective management system is that collective management organizations can only manage according to the authorization of the obligee. If the right person does not grant me authorization, I will not have the right to manage, nor do I have the right to authorize the premises. What about the place? There are only two choices - first, first to one, the right holder to authorize, or to delete. He can only be deleted if he fails to find the author one by one, or does not give authorization. So we ask for deletion, in fact, in strict accordance with the provisions of the law, and these more than 6,000 works, has been a large area of litigation.
As we all know, the use of musical works in places such as KTV has the obligation to pay copyright fees to copyright owners. But how do massive KTV operators and massive music copyright owners carry out the one-to-one docking authorization? In order to solve this problem, the voice Collection Association came into being in 2008 when approved by the State Copyright Bureau. Only when KTV operators pay copyright licensing fees to the Sound Collection Association and use legal works in accordance with the management of the music library, can they possibly solve all the legal risks in a club
Zhou Yaping: Our function is to link users and copyright owners scattered all over the country through our organization. The copyright owner gives us the right, and we empower the dispersed users. After we get our rights back, we will distribute them to the copyright owners according to their usage. This is the function of our collective management organization. KTV market itself is the convenient user of collective management system design.
Chang Yachun, an intellectual property lawyer at Beijing Kangda Law Firm, further explained that this collective management of copyright would help improve the efficiency of copyright management.
Chang Yachun: how can a large number of authors, works and needs find each other? This is very laborious. Through this collective management organization, it is easier to find and establish channels. For example, KTV, facing the collective management organization directly, is more economical.
Sun Guorui, a professor at Beihang University law school, said:gay bar
Sun Guorui: The purpose of the copyright owners of music works joining the club is that you act for everybody or entrust or trust them. Collective management organizations are acting for members to safeguard their rights. Therefore, first of all, they must protect the interests of copyright owners.
It is understood that the copyright parties that have joined the Voice Collection Association include Universal, Sony, Warner, Rolling Stone, Fumao and other record companies; the music library contains more than 150,000 songs. However, it is noteworthy that more than half of the more than 6,000 works that were asked to be removed from the shelves were actually managed by the Sound Collection Association. But later, for various reasons, the right holders of these works withdrew from the association:gay sauna
Zhou Yaping: actually these more than 6000 works, originally 3000 to 4000 capital, were managed by our association. Later, these rights holders quit and do not give us management. People feel that if you give me less money, I will pay more for this lawsuit. For example, in one case, I had 100 songs and I could get 100 thousand damages. In terms of interests, the obligee will have different choices. Some people will think that I might as well quit your association, and I will fight a lawsuit.
In fact, the case of KTV being prosecuted for infringement of musical works is not uncommon. In 2017, 22 KTV were accused of infringement in Sichuan, and the final judgment was 260 yuan for each music. For the withdrawal of the right person, Chang Ya Chun analyzes:gay sex massage
Chang Yachun: the author may not know how many times his song has been used, and how much money he can get in a year. So maybe KTV sang quite well, and he also felt that he could not divide or get very little. It may be necessary to discuss the Constitution and internal system with the members, so that everyone can accept the mode of identification. It is more convenient for us to realize rights through collective organizations.
The KTV market has been declining in recent years, compared with the booming scene of KTV where young people gathered ten years ago. In some cities, even if the attendance rate reaches 60% in the afternoon, more than half of the consumption of KTV is for the elderly with an average age of 65 years. After group buying, per capita consumption does not exceed 10 yuan. The next hot golden song will undoubtedly have a certain impact on the industry. The Sound Collection Association said that the next step would be to rely on the platform to establish a more transparent authorization fee and distribution system, so that the right holders of works can access the flow of works with them.boy massage