Don't send flowers. Send the microphone

Xinjing News on the morning of October 29, host Li Yong's wife, CCTV director Ha Wenfa Weibo said: "In the United States, after 17 months of anti-cancer treatment, October 25, 2018, 5:20 a.m., lost my love forever." It is reported that Li Yong died in the US due to illness. In 2009, the Yangtze River Literature and Art Publishing House published Li Yong's autobiography "Yong Yuan You Li", in which he mentioned in particular that he had already thought of the last words to be put on the farewell ceremony in the future:gay massage
"Welcome to my farewell ceremony, tired of you, you are busy. Today is my friends and relatives, since not outsiders, I did not polite to you, before leaving all said, come here to see me off, do not send flowers, give me the microphone. I hope I am full of microphone. Decades of life, in a flash, I Li Yong this life is easy to say a word, so the arrival, have come to this journey, still here to talk. Didn't frighten you? "
Li Yong's autobiography left a message: Do not send flowers, send microphone bar November 10, 2009, Li Yong in the new book "Yong Yuan You Li" press conference.male massage
"In the particular soothing music, the narrator continues:" there are... Close eyes in the microphone, I am sure to be serene. Is my self styled "Lifetime Achievement Award" creative? How do you feel? "
In addition, he also gave a speech on the last day of life on a program before his death - "I will find a quiet place to stay, I will not apologize, will not leave, will not complain, I will only be grateful... All the audience in front of the TV set, thank you for your wonderful memories. "boy massage