The rider was not examined and was caught in a car loan

A few days ago, Ms. Guo, who lives in Gaoling District of Xi'an City, saw a recruitment message for a "hungry" take-away rider on a recruitment website, which said that "the company recruited directly, without any fees, signed a labor contract on entry, with an average monthly income of not less than 6000 yuan". Ms. Guo went to apply, but strangely enough, she was asked to buy an electric car in stages with a high-interest massage
Guo recalled that some normal data were filled out at the beginning, but after seeing the "site leader" Wang, the other side asked her to open Alipay to check her sesame credit score, and asked if she had borrowed money on the financial platform, and whether there was any overdue repayment.
After confirming the credit information, Wang asked Ms. Guo if she had an electric car, saying that "hungry" companies can free car distribution, but need to apply in the "hummingbird distribution garage".
After agreeing to Wang's proposal to apply for electric cars for free, Ms. Guo followed the site staff to the Hummingbird Distribution Garage, an electric car dealer near Longshou Village, and signed an additional purchase agreement for electric cars by stages.male massage
Ms. Guo thought it was OK, and then provided ID cards, bank cards, staff photos uploaded, but also asked Ms. Guo to hold the identity station in the vehicle to take photos.
Ms. Guo said that all the processes were operated on the staff's mobile phones. She did not see the car purchase contract, nor did she see the loan contract. She only signed on the other side's mobile phone to confirm, "When I signed, I couldn't see any contract, and there was a big blank on the screen."gay spa
Taking delivery takes a health certificate. It takes several days to process a health certificate. What should I do? Wang solved this problem easily. He said that as long as Ms. Guo paid 100 yuan, he could conduct health certificates and "do not need a physical examination". After collecting the money, Wang put a picture of Ms. Guo on a blank health certificate, wrote Ms. Guo's personal information and gave it to her.
To her surprise, the health certificate she received was no different from the formal health certificate, but she did not go to any medical examination institution to have a physical examination. How can this company be so capable? If the health certificate is false, is it suspected of breaking the law?gay club
After searching, Ms. Guo learned that she had borrowed money from a loan company named "Yi billion finance". Ms. Guo asked for a refund, staff said to deduct 200 yuan liquidated damages, when Ms. Guo contacted the loan company again at noon, the phone has been unable to connect.
At 3:00 p.m. on October 28, a reporter from China Business Daily and Ms. Guo went downstairs to the Rongmin International Plaza on Weiyang Road and saw Ms. Guo's "Qiyun" brand electric car. Ms. Guo said, "The brand of this car is different from the one marked before the contract was signed." But how is the contract agreed? Ms. Guo said she had not seen any contracts.
Ms. Guo interviewed Rongmin International Square on the 11th floor of Room 1114, the door hanging a sign "Hungry Hummingbird Distribution Riders direct sign", the other side of the wall also has "Hummingbird Distribution Personnel Center" words, several staff members in the room are working, against the wall also placed a number of new "hungry" sauna
The reporter of the China Business Daily noticed that the medical examination unit of the health certificate held by Ms. Guo was the Xi'an Center for Disease Control and Prevention, with a number and a special stamp for the health certificate of the Xi'an Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The issuing time is October 27th. Behind the health certificate there are instructions for use, saying that employees must hold a valid health certificate to work, and consciously accept the supervision of the Health Planning Commission, food and drug bar
At about 4:00 p.m., a reporter from the China Business News contacted the Lianhu District Health Supervision Office. After the staff rushed to the scene, they checked the health certificate held by Ms. Guo. After preliminary investigation, there is no question about the paper, seal and serial number on this health certificate. That is to say, before pasting the picture of Ms. Guo, it was a regular blank card, but without plastic wrap.
The insider said that each stamped health certificate was aimed at a medical practitioner, and such an empty card, or "premature" health certificate, showed that there were problems in the management and process of the physical examination unit and the city sex massage
Last night, a reporter from the China Business News learned that the Lianhu District Health Supervision Office had reported the situation to the Lianhu District Health and Planning Bureau. The District Health and Planning Bureau also reported the situation to the municipal health authorities. The relevant information is still being investigated by many departments.
Is there any authorization for starving, or is it a business license issued by the industry and Commerce? The direct surname of Wang surname responsible person said, what procedures have, but not here, can not provide.
Yesterday afternoon, a reporter from China Business Daily contacted Mr. Guo, the person in charge of Xi'an logistics, who is the "hungry" takeaway platform. He said that there were no recruitment sites for them at Rongmin International. He also said, "hungry" did not directly recruit points, even if recruitment, will also be through agents. After investigation, there is no their agent here, this is a black intermediary, and hungry platform will not use black intermediary provided riders, "Ms. Guo encountered a fraud."boy massage