The president's class went bankrupt when he opened a restaurant.

According to the Beijing Haidian Court Network, recently, 34 students of the president class of Tsinghua University applied to the Beijing Haidian Court for bankruptcy after the shareholders'meeting decided to open a restaurant.
The bankruptcy filing company was established in December 2014 as an unlisted limited company funded by members of the mobile social group. It operates a theme restaurant near the east gate of Tsinghua University.
There were 31 shareholders when the company was initially set up. The shareholders signed the Registration Form of Natural Person/Enterprise Legal Person in Tsinghua Presidential Hall, and then increased to 34 shareholders. The additional three shareholders signed the Shareholding Agreement, during which some share transfer occurred.
Since its opening in 2015, the restaurant has been in a state of loss. Although the operation mode has been adjusted many times during this period, it still can not turn a loss into a profit. It has ceased to operate and applied to the court for bankruptcy by resolution of the shareholders' massage
According to the debtor's statement of property and debt list, the company's assets are currently only 5,000 yuan in the remaining account funds, more than 20 debts totaling more than 3 million yuan, in addition to more than 100 customers for the recharge card fee not refunded.
Although the Haidian court network did not point out the name of the restaurant, but the "president class" and "shareholders" such prominent labels, it is not difficult to find clues on the Internet. The daily economic news reporter found that this poorly managed theme restaurant is called Hua Qing Yuan.
The most direct evidence, of course, is that its business information is very close to the previous description. According to the Baidu Encyclopedia entry, Huaqingyuan (Beijing) Restaurant Co., Ltd. is owned by 31 Tsinghua President Development Promotion Association.male massage
"The restaurant is located on the third floor of Huayuan Century Business Building, 88 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, only 100 meters away from the East Gate of Tsinghua and Tsinghua Science and Technology Park. The restaurant covers an area of 1166 square meters, with 216 dining rooms, 9 luxury private rooms, a banquet hall for more than 100 people, and a tea leisure, exhibition and Salon Exhibition club
"Restaurant dishes featuring new-style Hunan cuisine and creative fusion dishes are not only delicious, from delicate snacks, special stir-fried dishes, raw and fierce seafood, nourishing soup to top-grade ginseng with abalone wings, but also focus on excavating and shaping the cultural connotation and health-preserving functions of dishes, creating a value, health and culture-specific characteristics. Huaqing yuan series dishes and supporting services.
According to its official website, the Qing Promotion Association was formally established in Beijing on March 14, 2012, under the guidance of the Professional Manager Training Center of Tsinghua University. It has many professional and industrial cooperation committees, such as investment and financing, real estate, medical and health care, cultural tourism, textile and sex massage
In public comments, Huaqingyuan Restaurant is named "Huaqingyuan Nanguo Chef", the latest customer comments occurred in November 2017, the current state of the store is "suspended display", the reason is now known to all, is "poor management" caused closure.
Reporters repeatedly tried to call the restaurant telephone provided by the public commentary, and its voice automatically prompted "Welcome to Huaqing Margin Theme Restaurant..." But no one answered.
So, in addition to the Haidian court network disclosed that "has been in a loss state, during the period of many adjustments to the business model, but still failed to turn loss into profit" and the specific property situation, there are no more details of "poor management"?gay spa
A verdict obtained by reporters from the referee's official website shows that:
In 2017, Huaqingyuan Company defaulted nearly 40,000 yuan in liquor payments to a supplier who filed a lawsuit with the People's Court of Haidian District in Beijing in February. In June of this year, Huaqingyuan Company appealed after judging Huaqingyuan Company's payment in the first instance. By August of this year, the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court rejected the appeal and upheld the original judgment.
EMBA and MBA have higher fees than ordinary professional masters. According to CCTV 2016 report:
Some seminars in various fields, such as business management, financial investment, real estate, etc., seem to be very high-end. Most of them are called excellent, elite, president, and some of them are named famous schools before their names.
However, why did dozens of students open restaurants together after learning all kinds of advanced strategic planning, model building, enterprise management, marketing, team building and so on? This is really a question worth pondering.boy massage