Civil Affairs Bureau recruitment announcement results are inconsistent

China Youth Online, Lanzhou, October 26, October 24, a netizen posted that Ganzhou District Civil Affairs Bureau in Zhangye, Gansu Province, in the recruitment of social assistance service post staff examination process, there were two announcements of results and the results of many examinees were inconsistent. Ganzhou District Discipline Inspection Commission and other departments formed an investigation team, the District Civil Affairs Bureau previously announced the results accurate and effective. gay massage Ganzhou District Committee and District Government decided to punish those responsible for the mistakes in the announcement of the results of the entrance examination by giving warnings within the Party, serious warnings within the Party, and administrative degradation.
Recruitment announcement shows that the examination department Ganzhou District Civil Affairs Bureau openly recruited social relief service post staff, recruiting 45 people, not included in the administrative establishment management, the recruited staff will be arranged to township, street and other units, engaged in grass-roots civil affairs work. On October 20, candidates participated in the "comprehensive knowledge" subject examination, according to the examination results from high to low order, according to the number of recruits 1:1 ratio to determine the physical examination subjects. Qualified personnel for physical examination are identified as candidates to be employed. Those who fail to pass the physical examination will be disqualified. The vacancies will be filled in turn according to the examination results from high to low.male massage
On October 24, some netizens posted a report that the results of the examination were posted on the corridor of the Civil Affairs Bureau, and then posted an online announcement saying that the online announcement should prevail. Compared with netizens, the results of the two announcement were inconsistent. The number of candidates posted in the Civil Affairs Bureau was 19.2 points, but it was 67.3 points when published online.
On October 23, the Civil Affairs Bureau issued a notice on the website of Ganzhou Online, saying that according to the requirements of the "Ganzhou District Civil Affairs Bureau 2018 Public Recruitment of Social Assistance Service Post Staff Announcement", after organizing the written test, the results of the written test will be announced and subject to supervision from all walks of life. The public notice period is from October 23rd to 25th. Notice of special reminder: "At the same time, please pay attention to the vast number of candidates, test results published on this website shall prevail." The Ganzhou District Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Bureau of human resources and social security are also responsible for monitoring and reporting telephone club
Zhang Ting (not his real name) told China Youth Daily Zhongqing Online that after the Civil Affairs Bureau posted the results, the Wechat public signal "Hello Zhangye" had released the documents of the results posted on the spot by the Civil Affairs Bureau in the form of photos. Now the article "has been deleted by the publisher". As a result of misremembering the last exam number, she had found that the latter candidate scored 56.6 points above, and in Ganzhou online results, the score of the last exam number was 54.6 spa
According to the photos provided by the candidates, a comparison between online reporters from China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily found that many candidates did not get the same results on the two transcripts. For example, the test number "201810896" candidates, the first published score of 61.3 points, the second into 74.3 points, ranked third in this test; the test number "201811312" candidates, the first published score of 60.8 points, the second into 69.3 points. There was also a decline in the number of candidates: candidates with the number "201810957" scored 71.4 for the first time and 68.9 for the second bar
Earlier, the Civil Affairs Bureau staff had responded to the Beijing Youth Daily that due to the tight recruitment hours, after the completion of the marking work, the Civil Affairs Bureau posted test results in the corridor of the Civil Affairs Bureau on 21, and did not review the results. After the results posted, some candidates reflect that the results posted and the candidates themselves query the results are inconsistent, "candidates can also query their own results." Receiving feedback from candidates, the Civil Affairs Bureau immediately conducted a performance review, some candidates in filling in the answer card, the admission card number is not clearly written, computer machine entered the results of errors, "because the admission card number reading errors, the results of other candidates entered, this error involves hundreds of candidates."
Zhang Ting said that the test questions are single-choice questions, multiple-choice questions and judgment questions, and the answers need to be filled on two answer cards. Some examinees said, "the grades have already been this way, and it is unfair to re organize the examination."gay sauna
The results of the examination were re-examined by the investigation group, and the results announced by the District Civil Affairs Bureau online in Ganzhou on October 23 were confirmed to be accurate and effective. The investigation team determined that after the examination, the examination papers and answer cards were sealed and sent to the designated place for computer scanning and marking. In the process of marking papers, a computer can not read the question answering card, staff found that is due to the registration card number filled in the wrong, and then proceeded to operate. On October 21, without careful review, the District Civil Affairs Bureau will post the examination results to the office building for publication. Some candidates report that the absent candidates also have the results, and raise objections to the examination results. The District Civil Affairs Bureau immediately organized a review of the examination results, and found that the staff mishandled the question answering cards, resulting in wrong computer summary results, resulting in errors in the results of some examinees, and then carried out a review and correction, and on October 23 in Ganzhou online website published the examination results again, resulting in two public affairs. The results of the cloth are sex massage
Ganzhou District Party Committee and District Government decided to seriously investigate and accountable those responsible for the mistakes in the announcement of the results of the enrollment: Yang Xuegong, Secretary of the Party group of the District Civil Affairs Bureau and director general of the District Civil Affairs Bureau, who bears important leadership responsibilities, was given intra-Party warning and punishment; and Yang Xuegong, member and Vice-Bureau of the Party group of the District Civil Affairs Bureau who bears the main and direct responsibility for the leadership responsibility, was given intra Chang Zhou Jianjun gave a serious warning and punishment to the Party members and deputy directors; Liang Xueming, deputy director of the urban residents'minimum living security office in the district with direct responsibility (specific responsibility for the recruitment work).boy massage