The police were sentenced to death by shooting

On the afternoon of October 26, the Loudi Intermediate People's Court issued a public verdict of first instance in accordance with the law in the case of the defendant Chen Jianxiang's intentional homicide. The defendant Chen Jianxiang was convicted of intentional homicide, sentenced to death and deprived of political rights for life.
The trial found that the defendant Chen Jianxiang and the victim Zou Heng, Duan Xinmin and other people had disputes many years ago, gay massage has been holding grudges, waiting for revenge. On the evening of December 17, 2017, Chen Jianxiang recorded and ranked the people who had conflicts with him, listed the names of the murders, wrote a suicide note, and narrated and arranged the causes and aftermath of the murder. On the morning of December 22, the same year, Chen Jianxiang defrauded his friend Zou Peng to help drive a vehicle by borrowing a pistol from Zeng Wei-jun of the Patrol Special Police Brigade of Xinhua County Public Security Bureau. At about 10 o'clock on the same day, Chen Jianxiang deceived Zou Heng into getting on the bus and directed Zou Peng to drive to a remote mountain side of Yinjing Chong in Jixing Village, Sangzi Town, Xinhua County, where he shot Zou Heng and killed him. After that, male massage Chen Jianxiang pressed Zou Peng to kill the corpse, clean up the bloodstains in the car, and cover up the traces of murder. At about 15:00 on the same day, Chen Jianxiang coerced Zou Peng to drive to find Duan Xinmin and lured him onto the bus. Then he directed Zou Peng to drive toward Caojia Town in Xinhua County. At about 18 o'clock, Zou Peng was driving to the section near the intersection of Huancheng Road and S225 Line in Shangmei Town, Xinhua County, when he deliberately hit a truck parked on the roadside, and then quickly opened the door to escape. Chen Jianxiang took out his pistol and fired several shots at Duan Xinmin, who was sitting in the back seat of the car. He killed Duan Xinmin and fled the scene immediately. At 17:00 on December 24, 2017, the police in Xinhua County Ketou Township Sanbanqiao Village will be the accused Chen Jianxiang sex massage
The Loudi Intermediate Court held that the defendant, Chen Jianxiang, had shot and killed two people in retaliation for his anger, and his act constituted the crime of intentional homicide. Chen Jianxiang's defender argued that the place where the public security organ monitored Chen Jianxiang's residence did not correspond to the address where the decision was executed, and that the procedure for Chen Jianxiang's interrogation was illegal during this period. According to the investigation, Chen Jianxiang was injured in the head due to shooting suicide during his escape. When he was caught, his life was in danger and he needed medical treatment. The public security organs took compulsory measures of residential surveillance to Chen Jianxiang and sent him to hospital for treatment, which did not violate the law. It is not improper for the public security organ to interrogate Chen Jianxiang in the hospital ward under the condition of stable injury,gay spa and the procedure of interrogation is legal. Chen Jianxiang's defender put forward that the appraisal materials of the judicial expertise opinions of the Second Xiangya Hospital omitted the key materials such as Chen Jianxiang's testimony, and the time for completing the appraisal was too short. The appraisal conclusion could not be used as the basis for the final decision, so he applied for a new judicial expertise on mental diseases. After investigation, the testimony of Chen Jianxiang's relatives, colleagues, classmates, friends, on-the-spot witnesses, hospital medical records, Chen Jianxiang's statements and so on were extracted from the judicial expert opinion. In the part of extracting Chen Jianxiang's confession, there are detailed records of Chen Jianxiang's writing, Chen Jianxiang's psychological condition, Chen Jianxiang's confession and other contradictions and disputes, and the course of the crime. The Forensic Appraisal Center of Xiangya Second Hospital inspected Chen Jianxiang according to relevant regulations, gay club and issued an appraisal certificate on this basis, which conformed to the norms of appraisal procedure. Experts testified in court and gave a reasonable answer to the inquiries of the prosecution and the defense. Although Chen Jianxiang suffered from depression, Chen Jianxiang was clear-minded in carrying out harmful acts, could understand the nature and consequences of his own acts, had a better ability of self-protection, control and identification, and was identified as Chen Jianxiang in this case. The ability to perform criminal acts is fully criminal liability. In conclusion, the appraisal procedure of the Forensic Expertise Center of the Second Xiangya Hospital is legal, the appraisal conclusion is objective and fair, and should be accepted according to law. Although Chen Jianxiang confessed the facts of his crime truthfully after he came to the case, his crime was so serious that he could not be given a lighter punishment. The court then made the above decision in accordance with the law.
Some deputies to the National People's Congress, members of the CPPCC, journalists, defendants and relatives of the victims, as well as more than 20 people from all walks of life attended the trial.boy massage