Exclusive dialogue with telecommunications fraud suspects

The members are mainland Chinese and are confined to a villa in Philippines. Everyone has the same "script" on the phone - a case of alleged child abduction in Shanghai. The computer hand prints out the phone numbers on A4 paper and sends them about 300 calls a day, each with a recording. The computer hand is also responsible for modifying the electronic display number to the public security telephone number of the victim's location through the software. After the target is locked, it will be transferred to the second line.gay massage
second line—an advisory post
The members are basically Taiwanese and are responsible for impersonating the Shanghai police for more information.
Three line
The members are basically Taiwanese, who defrauded the money of the target by technological means. Let the victim go to the bank to deposit money into a designated account; if the money is large, let the victim go to the bank to run a bank and U shield, and then through technical means will be the victim's bank account of the money into the company account.male massage
Every day, in a villa in the Philippines, 23-year-old Xiao Li and her hometown A Xiang have to make a lot of phone calls, most of them will be rudely hung up, occasionally willing to listen to her, this is her goal.
And thousands of kilometers away in Nanchong, sophomore girl Xiaofang unfortunately became her goal.
On the phone, she pretended to be a policeman of Nanchong Public Security Bureau. With the cooperation of Ah Xiang, she let Xiaofang slowly believe that she was suspected of abducting and selling children. Finally, she stole 260,000 yuan of cash from Xiaofang's bank card by technical means.
And this money is Xiaofang's father's death pension.
In a villa in Cebu City, Philippines, Xiao Li dials dozens of phone numbers printed on A4 paper by "computer hand". The phone number of Xiaofang, a sophomore in a university in Nanchong, is on the A4 paper.
It was a morning in early July 2017. Xiao Fang, 20, is still in bed in her dormitory. She is a sophomore in a university in Nanchong. She seldom misses classes in the morning, so she can sleep in.gay spa
At this time, far away in a villa in Cebu City, Philippines, Xiao Li had already sat in front of the familiar plane, according to the "computer hand" through the A4 paper printed dozens of phone numbers, in turn dial. The girl from Yunnan is 3 years older than Xiaofang. After dropping out of junior high school, KTV served as a waiter in the old town. Now her job is to pretend to be the police and try to convince the pilot that she is suspected of a child trafficking case.gay club
Xiao Fang's telephone number is on A4 paper.
After dialing Xiao Fang's phone, Xiao Li's identity has become a "police officer of Nanchong Public Security Bureau." She told Xiao Fang in Mandarin. They received a letter from Jiading police in Shanghai, saying that Xiao Fang was suspected of abducting and selling children together, and asked her to cooperate with the investigation of Nanchong police.
Xiaofang was confused by the words "policewoman".
"Please go to a quiet place, and I will give you a brief understanding of the situation." Xiaoli suggested.
Xiaofang walked out of the bedroom and came to a corner of the dormitory building.
"Have you ever been to Shanghai?"
"That's weird. You haven't been to Shanghai. How can I send you a document in Shanghai?"
"Impossible." Xiaofang refused.gay sauna
Xiao Li added, "You got this document from our captain. The captain is not here. I'll ask him to call you later."
At the end of the call, 29-year-old Ah Xiang was sitting next to Xiao Li, who was also busy making phone calls according to the list on A4 paper. He understood Xiao Li's meaning before the phone call.
Soon, Ah Xiang dialed Xiao Fang's mobile phone and claimed to be "captain of the Criminal Police Brigade of Nanchong Public Security Bureau".
According to the convention, A Xiang checked Xiao Fang's identity information and repeated "you are suspected of a child trafficking case".boy massage
"Since you said it was impossible, the other party (Shanghai Police) requested us to take you to Shanghai for investigation." Ah Xiang tried to convince Xiaofang. "Such words have great influence on me." Xiaofang's heart was a bit flurried, and let him help transfer Shanghai police.
At this time, Ah Xiang reached for the seat in front of him and pressed the number # twice. Xiao Fang's call immediately turned upstairs to impersonate the "second-line member" of Shanghai Jiading police.
Xiao Fang told Chengdu Business Daily that she had contacted the Shanghai Jiading Police on the same day and was asked to open a room outside the school to take notes by phone.
The hotel is not far from the school. On her way to the hotel, Xiaofang received a text message from Nanchong police, reminding her that she might be suffering from a telecom fraud. Xiaofang said: "at that time also panic, did not look at the content." In the telephone, the police also reminded Xiaofang must not hang up the phone to hinder the police to handle the case, Xiaofang returned to the dormitory to pick up the charger.gay bar
In the guesthouse, "Shanghai police" sent a website to Xiaofang through QQ. "It's a website of a Procuratorate, with pictures and identity information on it." Xiao Fang surprised that he did mention that he was suspected of abducting children. This made her believe that she might have been wronged by someone's identity information.
During the telephone survey, Xiao Fang told the other party his own name bank card, one of which has more than 200,000 yuan in deposit. The other side reminded her that the money might be illegal gains and need to be temporarily frozen. "This money is my father's death pension." Xiao Fang said. But in order to prove innocence, she still in accordance with the other party's request, take a car home Yuechi bank card, and then go to the bank to activate the bank U shield.gay sex massage
Next, Xiao Fang downloaded the bank APP on her mobile phone according to the instructions of the "police" and went to the Internet cafe to open the other party's website to cooperate with the "police"