Making nursing products for dementia old woman

The autumn of October in Wuhan is the right time to travel. But because of his wife's illness, Fan Chengfen has not been able to travel for a long time. The only entertainment she has now is making at home. A butterfly sewing machine has accompanied her for decades, and Fan Chengfen has been "squeaking" on it, sewing her wife's mask, clothes and nursing pants. She also enjoys sharing her nursing experience with the families of Alzheimer's patients, slowly smoothing the real pain with massage
Shortly after breakfast, Wang Qixiang fell asleep again in his reclining chair, with a restraint glove in one hand and a plastic toy in the other. Fan Chengfen looked at his sleeping wife and smiled. "He was stubborn when he was young, and now he's like a baby."
Before retirement, Wang Qixiang was a military surgeon. He was always stubborn in the army. At the door of Fan Chengfen's house, a plaque entitled "Home of Soldiers, Glorious Retirement" was polished and polished, as if the glory of Wang Qixiang's past could still be seen in it.
But now, for the past memory and personnel, Wang Qixiang's brain is blank. This year is Wang Qixiang's fifteenth year of Alzheimer's disease. For 15 years, though he had been on medication, he had been progressing slowly - an irreversible spa
Fan Chengfen watched his wife's health deteriorate day by day, and his abilities began to be destroyed little by little.
At first, he just forgot important times, places and things. He always did not know where he was and why he was there. He went to the vegetable market to buy cabbage, went out at 8 a.m. and returned at 12 p.m. with more than 10 cabbages in his hand; he went to buy pancakes and bought a large bar
More and more weird things happened. Fan Chengfen took his wife to see the doctor in the big hospitals. "The knowledge of Alzheimer's was not as widespread as it is now. We went to neurology, brain, and psychiatry. Doctors said stroke, mental disorders, and mental disorders." After several setbacks, Wang Qixiang was identified as Alzheimer's disease, "more than 70 cognitive disorders, of which Alzheimer's disease is the largest proportion."
But for this disease, there was no specific medicine in China at that time. The doctor told Fan Chengfen that Wang Qixiang might have only 5 years left to live, so that his family could take good care of him. Fan Chengfen was shocked. She wondered how her husband could equate with "dementia". "But this disease is just like aging. Anyone can get it." After thinking for a long time, Fan Chengfen decided to take his wife home and take care of him for the rest of his life with great sex massage
Wang Qixiang was no longer the leader of the family after the diagnosis. With the development of the disease, his brain became less clear. His temper became more and more eccentric, confused, suspicious, alarmed or anxious, and he would always quarrel with Fan Chengfen and his two daughters, which made the whole family tired.
Finally, five years later, Wang Qi Xiang even forgot his wife Fan Chengfen and his daughters. He always held Fan Chengfen's clothes and asked, "where is mom?" At first, Fan Chengfen would tell him, "your mother is gone." Hearing this reply, Wang Qixiang's emotion immediately became agitated. Fan Chengfen had to reassure him: "mom went to my uncle's house. You must wait for her to come back."gay club
Along with the destruction of memory function, there is also Wang Qixiang's language function. He could no longer express his needs accurately, could not speak, and could only dream a few times when he was asleep.
But fortunately, he has not lost the function of action. Wang Qixiang's movements were so rapid that he could walk even faster than a young man, but it also made him often in trouble. Sometimes he didn't wait for Fan Chengfen to dress for him, and he ran away. He also loves to run around and knock. Before this National Day holiday, he accidentally broke his forehead and broke a piece of glass on the balcony.
Alzheimer's patients tend to fluctuate easily at sunset. Later, when his wife began to destroy at home, Fan Chengfen immediately pulled up the red warning line. Two long ropes stretched across the way to the balcony and kitchen, cutting the small living room into three parts, while Wang Qixiang could only move in the "safe area": he did not know how to cross, although the "guard line" only touched his calf stomach, but before the "guard line" he was like a lost direction ant, only in situ. sauna
Families of Alzheimer's sufferers experience extreme moments of anxiety, helplessness, and despair. Fan Chengfen has also had countless such moments: his wife lost, public places, etc. Fan Chengfen meticulously took care of her husband's tedious daily routine. At the age of 60, he had already had white hair.
Under Fan Chengfen's careful care, Wang Qixiang's condition has been relatively stable. Until 2010, due to the resettlement of Wang Qixiang's troops, Fan Chengfen and his wife moved to Lu Xiang Square. The change of the external environment caused Wang Qixiang to have a strong "stress response" and his physical condition dropped sharply.male massage
Van Chengfen describes that stage as dark and hopeless, when she was particularly unable to accept her husband, who had always loved cleanliness, suddenly became a patient with incontinence.
"This is the most embarrassing thing in our family." Fan Chengfen talked about the first time that his wife had symptoms of fecal incontinence. At that time, she took her wife to Carrefour to buy it.