Failing to reach the standard, the University retreats students.

Only by breaking up a batch of inferior goods can we create a series of fine works. "October 9, the reporter learned from the Hunan Environmental Biology Vocational and Technical College, in order to fully strictly manage the school, and firmly grasp the" school style, style of study, teaching style ", the school's Party committee decided to make up for the examination in the 2017-2018 school year after the academic results did not meet the requirements of 22 students to drop out of school, the other 40 students remained in grade, and such a conclusion After the announcement of the fruit, the school teachers and students quickly aroused great repercussions. It is reported that this is the third party committee of the school since its establishment, to firmly grasp the "three winds" and comprehensively promote the school's important measures of strict massage
"School is to grasp the style of study, dare to be first and dare to bite the bone. "Lin Zhonggui, director of the school's educational administration department, told reporters that the results of the disposal of some students dropping out of school and retaining their grades were announced, which caused great repercussions and heated discussions among the school's teachers and students, and also gave the whole school a reassurance pill. "In the past, there were indeed phenomena that they did not dare and did not manage well. Now, with the support of Party committees, teachers can devote themselves more wholeheartedly to teaching. "male massage
It is understood that the "Qingkao" has become a "magic weapon" for some students, especially those in Higher Vocational colleges, to obtain a diploma. There are also some teachers and sisters who teach "Don't be anxious if you fail the exam, and they will certainly pass on the"valuable experience"when you graduate from the school together. These"magic weapons"and"valuable experience"are passed on to one session at a time, which also leads to a better style of study. It has become a "stumbling block" in some colleges, especially in higher vocational bar
"Dropping out and repeating grades are only the means to rectify the style of study in an all-round way, and only by smashing a batch of defective products can we better create a series of high-quality products. "Su Li, Secretary of the Party Committee of the school, said that in order to let more parents feel at ease to send their children to school and make a success of their studies, and to purify the school atmosphere and study atmosphere, they took pains to deal with a group of students this time, and indeed experienced a period of suffering. During the period of dropping out of school and publication of the repeat list, students'parents also fought through various channels. Greeting and speaking, I hope the school will show mercy. But the school Party committee is very clear: a very small number of students will not be allowed to affect the bad behavior of other students, will not be allowed to bring bad once a year, destroy the school style of study to continue to club
Su Li said that the one-off withdrawal of 22 students, is in accordance with the "Regulations on the Administration of College Students" (Ministry of Education Order No. 41) requirements, strictly in accordance with the procedures, but one-off withdrawal, repeat grade so many students, they are not really comfortable. "This is the last resort. "Su Li said that the existence of students who are tired of learning, do not learn, truant, the school will be actively intervened and educated, but for the class to play mobile phones, sleep, fall into online games can not extricate themselves from part of the education ineffective students, but also take decisive measures. "After repeated education, inspection, conversation, and careful care before making decisions. "Su Li told reporters that these retired students are accompanied by teachers to hand over to parents, and hope they have a new start.boy massage
On October 9, the reporter interviewed the school randomly. Yang, a clinical medical student of grade 2018, also said that he had always heard of "desperate middle school, happy university". This year, after the opening of the school, there were also some teachers and sisters "passing the classics and delivering treasures", saying that "examination is not urgent, failing is no big deal", but he was admitted to the new students. But in the educational activities, the teacher repeatedly emphasized the style of study. He did not expect to see the announcement of school dropouts and repetitions shortly after the beginning of school, which made him examine his attitude to study again. "It must be true. "Yang said that the school's handling of the notice to these freshmen brought great shock, but also feel the pressure of sex massage
According to reports, since the establishment of the third Party Committee in August 2017, the school has put strict administration of the school and its studies in the first place. It not only pays close attention to the quality of students, but also determines that April and October are the "style of study month" and organizes multi-level special inspections. After nearly a year of "three winds" construction, the current school spirit has changed greatly.