Defending Taiwan's development will not yield to concessions.

Overseas Network, Oct. 10 - Today's "Double Ten" celebration was held in Taiwan. Cai's discussion on cross-strait relations has become a focus of attention. In a speech summary provided by Cai Bian, Cai shouted that he would not yield under pressure, even at the expense of Taiwan's "sovereignty". The Island believes that Cai's speech is a repetition of the old tune, but to highlight the "Taiwan independence" ambition, but ultimately can not jump out of the "palm of Buddha Tathagata".gay massage
According to "United News Network", the theme of the ceremony is "good for Taiwan". Cai said that Taiwan is now facing drastic changes in the international political and economic situation, as well as "China is challenging the international order" which the international community is also highly concerned about. Cai claimed that safeguarding the sustainable development of "Taiwan of the Republic of China" and maintaining peace and regional stability in the Taiwan Strait are the largest number of conventions for all Taiwanese people and should be upheld to the end.
Cai said that Taiwan's response to the international situation is to "seek stability, change, progress" and to strengthen Taiwan, "let us be indispensable internationally, which is the foundation for Taiwan's sustainable survival."male massage
Cai also clamored that the current threats facing Taiwan include military threats, diplomatic repression, social infiltration and even economic security damage. Taiwan must devote itself to the sustained development of the so-called "value diplomacy", the enhancement of its defensive capabilities, the strengthening of its internal security and the reorganization of its overall economic and trade strategy.
Finally, Tsai likened Taiwan to a "beacon," saying that "when the world sees the beauty of Taiwan, Taiwan will not be lonely."gay spa
Guo Zhengliang, the legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party, pointed out in an interview with the China Review Society that Cai's speech was a repetition of the old tune, but was playing a word game to describe Taiwan. However, what the mainland wanted was substance, not word games. He hoped that the Cai authorities would clearly define cross-strait relations. However, since taking office, Cai Yingwen has not responded to the positioning of the two sides.
Guo Zhengliang emphasized that Cai Ying-wen only reiterated his past position, but "the mainland of China only cares if you positioned cross-strait relations as a middle school", so short before the end of the election, Cai Ying-wen at this time in cross-strait relations, there is no breakthrough. Cai Yingwen's "Double Tenth speech" is only a copy of the club
Chen Yixin, a lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the University of Chinese Culture, pointed out that in the past, Tsai spoke directly about Taiwan. Now, with the election approaching, the DPP may lose Taichung and Kaohsiung, thus putting the Republic of China ahead of the rest, attracting intermediate voters and not losing the essence of Taiwan independence, so he wrote a letter. Parentheses "Taiwan" become "Republic of China" (Taiwan).
Yang Kaihuang, director of the cross-strait research center of Ming Chuan University, said that the various statements made by the Chua English authorities about the relationship between the "Republic of China" and Taiwan were intended to highlight the ambition of "Taiwan independence". Yang Kaihuang stressed that unless the DPP changes dramatically, no matter what the content of Cai's English speech, or what the DPP puts forward on both sides of the Strait, how to adjust the discourse, Beijing will be "unable to jump out of the palm of the Tathagata Buddha". He believes that "unity is a progressive form" sauna
Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office, responded after Cai's "Double Tenth Speech" last year that the mainland has repeatedly expressed its position and attitude towards Taiwan. However, the Taiwan authorities still repeat the past statement that no matter what model, proposition, the most crucial issue is the fundamental nature of cross-strait relations and confirm that Taiwan and the mainland belong to the same China. Core cognition. Ma stressed that the most important revelation of the 30-year cross-strait exchanges is that only by adhering to the one-China principle and opposing "Taiwan independence" can we achieve sustainable, peaceful and stable development, and thus smoothly promote cooperative relations and increase the well-being of our sex massage