Embarrassment! Sun vacation in friends circle

"Suddenly, Zhang XX pulled black, the reason, is the legendary - I know too much." On the evening of Oct. 7, Xie Yun suddenly sent out such a circle of friends. It turned out that his former colleagues had just sent out the circle of friends pretending to be on holiday in Dubai when they met Xie Yun in a life supermarket in our city.
Former colleagues in the circle of friends pretend to be Dubai vacation but the man bumped into Li Wenyu in the supermarket to provide a screenshot ogf Zhang's circle of friends
The supermarket crashed "in Dubai."gay massage
geXie Yun, 29, works for an education and training company in Jiefangbei Times Haoyuan. Yesterday, at 1:00 p.m., reporters met him, who was slightly fat and dressed in formal clothes. When he talked about being pulled black, he laughed and shook his head. "I didn't expect to be pulled black because of this."
On the afternoon of October 3, Xie Yun and his wife went to the Wal-Mart supermarket on Ninth Street in Jiangbei. When they walked to the fresh meat section, they suddenly met their acquaintance, Xiao Zhang, who had previously worked for the same training company in Shapingba. Xie Yun said his first reaction at the time was surprise, because just a few hours ago, he was in the circle of friends, Zhang posted that he was on holiday in Dubai, also sunned out a few scenery photos of Dubai, "I also ordered a compliment."
Xie Yun immediately waved to Xiao Zhang, Xiao Zhang smiled and said hello to Xie Yun and his wife. He turned and left in a hurry. "He's three years younger than me. We used to have a good relationship in a unit. I took him on a lot of work."

Suddenly discovered he was pulled black.gay bar

Xie Yun said that he had only discussed a few words with his wife after breaking the embarrassing scene. He did not go to his heart until the evening of the 7th, when Li Wenyu of Xie Yun's new job-hopping company came to see him for dinner. Xie Yun started talking about this as a joke with Li Wenyu. During the conversation, Xie Yun turned over to Xiaozhang's circle of friends and did not expect to go in for a moment. I found myself shielded from the darkness.

"My former colleagues have been dragged black for more than 1 years?" Xie Yun was a little angry at that time, then Li Wenyu opened Xiaozhang's circle of friends with his mobile phone, and saw the news before Xie Yun broke it.
In this regard, Li Wenyu, 31, told reporters that he looked through Xiao Zhang's circle of friends and found that during the National Day holiday, Xiao Zhang was still insisting on Dubai scenery, Li Wenyu said, Xiao Zhang is a very dignified person, even if he owes credit cards, mobile phones, sports shoes and so on to buy the latest money, this time, he pretended to be thanked for going abroad. It was also because of the hang up of the face that he decided to break off.male massage
Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted Xiao Zhang, asked about La Hei Xieyun, he said he was busy, inconvenient to answer the phone hang up, soon after Li Wenyu told reporters, Xiao Zhang suddenly deleted all the circles of friends issued during the National Day.
Extension survey: will you show off your friends circle when you go abroad?
Yesterday, on this issue, reporters interviewed a number of track tribes, more than 90% of them chose not to send a circle of friends or only some people can see the circle of friends.
Lemu (28-year-old logistician): I've traveled to Japan before and sent out a circle of friends. All kinds of requests have come and added too much trouble to me. Since then, I've been going abroad silently, and I've come back to send a picture of Nine Palaces again.gay spa
Dong Yu (27 year old clerk): now everyone is used to low key. Why should a country display its ostentatious display? Are you afraid that others will not borrow money from you? Afraid the boss thinks your salary is too high?
Mr. Lin (30-year-old interior designer): Outbound tours are divided into groups of friends, only to relatives and close friends know, or unfamiliar people ask you to bring things, take it, trouble, may not be as popular as others, not take it, and offend people.gay club
Comment: don't lose yourself for vanity.
Chen Zhilin, Ph.D., from University College London, said that pretending to travel abroad proves that Xiao Zhang wanted to show off his rich life and fill in front of his friends, only to meet his former colleague in the supermarket embarrassingly and feel unable to hang on his face. Xiao Zhang chose to end the friendship. It seemed funny, but Xiao Zhang did. It also represents a group of people who like to be fat with a swollen face, who actually live extremely hard - they have to work hard to lie to show their tone, but also rack their brains to lie constantly, and feel awkward once they are smashed.gay sauna
It is suggested that such people as Xiaozhang can adjust their mindset and face their true selves and real life. They should not live in imagination, lose themselves in vain lies, and be alienated and despised by the people around them.