Pingyao rectification of vinegar factory

According to a Beijing News reporter's survey, in the ancient city of Pingyao, the majority of vinegar traders so-called "brewed vinegar" actually comes from small workshops in rural areas outside the city. In the investigation process, the Beijing News reporter also found that some regular manufacturers in the production of vinegar, sanitary conditions are worrying, in the finished vinegar still floating dead massage
After the publication of the relevant reports, the relevant departments of Shanxi Province and cities and counties attached importance to them. The investigation group was composed of the Municipal Food and Drug Administration and the County Market Supervision Bureau to examine the problems reflected in the reports in detail.
Wang Jianren, director of the Pingyao County Bureau of Market and Quality Supervision and Administration, told the Beijing News that after the report was issued, the relevant law enforcement departments in the county-wide scope, focusing on the ancient city and the surrounding towns and villages of vinegar-making workshops, strictly solicit certificates, standardize the use of labels, unregistered and resolute investigation and immediate closure of unlicensed. From the source of production regulation. During the inspection process, the law enforcement officers destroyed the existing spa
A survey by the Beijing News found that some vinegar merchants in Pingyao ancient city bought cheap vinegar from small village workshops or some factories and sold it dozens of times more, and labeled it as "handmade brewing" and "ancient brewing" for false publicity.
On the morning of Oct. 8, the investigation team sent a letter to the Pingyao County Development and Reform Bureau on the proposal of the Pingyao County Market and Quality Supervision and Administration Bureau to pay close attention to public opinion on vinegar, and suggested that the county Development and Reform Bureau should investigate and punish price violations.
At present, Pingyao County Development and Reform Bureau for Pingyao Ancient City in the low-end vinegar sold at high prices and other issues have been club
As for the vinegar sales disorder in Pingyao ancient city, the responsible person of Pingyao county government said that the main responsibility for food safety of food production and operation units will be strictly implemented, and the county's vinegar production and operation units will carry out a supervision and inspection of the whole project. In the production process, strict inspection of enterprise food safety management system is imperfect, not implemented, management records are incomplete, unauthorized changes in production conditions, product labels are not standardized, false labels and other issues, and clearly prohibit the production enterprises from selling vinegar in bulk outside the production site; in the business process, strict inspection and acceptance of the implementation of the system. There are some problems such as not in place, incomplete accounts, using unpacked and labeled vinegar in the course of sale or sauna
Yesterday, a special inspection team inspected several vinegar factories in Waliu Village mentioned in the report. Among them, Longqingxiang vinegar factory is operated without a license. Law enforcement officers ordered it to rectify and stop production immediately. 18 large fermentation tanks, 51 small fermentation tanks, 8 smoking tanks and 49 "Longqingxiang vinegar factories" were sealed. The labelling of workers vinegar is to be seized.
During the inspection, the law enforcement officers found that the production environment of Jinshanfang vinegar factory had sanitary problems such as no screen, sundries and so on, which did not conform to the relevant provisions of the Food Safety Law. In this regard, the law enforcement officers issued the "Notice of rectification and rectification" on the spot, and ordered Jinshan Fang to rectify the deadline.
Wang Jianren, director of Pingyao County Municipal Supervisory Bureau, told the Beijing News that from Oct. 8 onwards, sampling inspection of products will be strengthened, and four testing institutions that won the 2018 food safety sampling inspection will be commissioned to carry out special sampling inspection of vinegar in the ancient city. "Samples of vinegar samples from 50 vinegar producing and operating units have been sampled," Wang Jianren said.
Up to the time of the press release, law enforcement officers have made a series of arrangements for the vinegar production and operation units in Pingyao County. There are three vinegar production enterprises, namely Siqing vinegar industry, Jinshanfang vinegar factory and Ninggufu vinegar industry. There are 25 small vinegar production and processing workshops (including 14 in the ancient city) and 768 vinegar business operators (including the ancient city) with business licenses. A preliminary examination of 222 households revealed that 9 households were not licensed (including 5 households without licenses in the ancient city), and the related problems were still under further bar
According to ay barWang Jianren, director of Pingyao County Municipal Supervision Bureau, Pingyao County samples vinegar from time to time every year. "Since August, 34 batches of vinegar have been sampled, three batches of unqualified testing, the case is still in the process, not yet closed."
On May 1, 2018, the Regulations on the Management of Small Shops in Small Food Workshops of Shanxi Province (hereinafter referred to as: Regulations) were formally implemented in Shanxi Province. The seventeenth rule stipulates that a small workshop should apply for a permit for a small food workshop. Small food workshops engaged in production and business operations, production and processing of bulk food shall conform to the contents such as the name of the food, date of production, shelf life, storage conditions, ingredients or ingredients list, name of small food workshops, address of production, contact method and license number clearly marked on the containers or outer packages of the food.male massage
Wang Jianren said that in the inspection process, some small workshops can not achieve expired certificate replacement, unable to carry out production and processing as required, resulting in food safety risks. "With the fact that vinegar sales enterprises are expanding blindly now, it is difficult to trace the source and the market is chaotic," Wang Jianren told the Beijing News. In view of this situation, "before the rectification is in place, the regulatory authorities will suspend the approval of new vinegar processing workshops in the ancient city."
A staff member of the Propaganda Department of Pingyao County Party committee introduced that in August this year Pingyao County established the Pingyao Ancient City Vinegar Industry Association. According to the arrangement and arrangement of the county Party committee and county government, vinegar industry special regulation as one of the key content, requires the formation of a new management pattern of department supervision and industry self-discipline. After the report was issued, the Pingyao Ancient City Vinegar Industry Association will be relied on to convene vinegar production enterprises and small workshops from aspects of raising sex massage