Pick up money and decline payment.

During the golden week of national day, the story of Haikou sanitation workers picking up 140 thousand yuan of large sums of money to return the owner was everywhere. At about 8:30 a.m. on October 2, Li Man, a sanitation worker, drove his sanitation car to the responsible section of the cross-sea road to clean up and collect household garbage from residents and businesses along the road. In the meantime, Li Man found a plastic bag wrapped in layers of money. Out of caution, she opened the bag and found a stack of hundreds of dollars in it.gay massage
"Somebody must have thrown away the garbage carelessly. How anxious that man should be for so much money. I have to return it quickly." Faced with huge sums of money, Li Man was not worried, but anxious for the owner. Subsequently, she and the head of the road to the border area police station, the money to the police. After counting, there is a total of 143785 yuan in plastic bags, and a pile of bills. Through the name of the company displayed on the bill, the police contacted Mr. Zhu, the owner. Unexpectedly, Mr. Zhu was worried about the money he had lost. After receiving a call from the police, he rushed to the police station to collect the lost cash and receipts.gay spa
Mr. Zhu introduced that the money was the company's money. At about 8 o'clock the night before, he put the money in a black plastic bag and put it on a carton. The next morning, the company's cleaning aunt saw the sanitation car passing by, and she dumped the plastic bags as garbage and other trash. When the money was lost and recovered, Mr. Zhu was so excited that he kept saying "thank you" to Li Man and offered him 20,000 yuan in cash as a reward. He was refused by Li Man.male massage
"This is a piece of work. There is no need to take other people's money. After all, other people's money is also hard earned." Li Man told reporters that her monthly salary of more than 1500 yuan, the cash she picked up was the most money she had ever seen in her life. Although the family's economic conditions are not good, but she knows that a person should have good moral character, the money should be returned to the owner.gay club
On the evening of October 2, Sun Fen, vice mayor of Haikou City, was entrusted by Zhang Qi, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, and Ding Hui, mayor, to visit Li Man, an environmental sanitation worker in Binhai Park. On the morning of 4, Haikou dragon horse sanitation company rewarded Li Mei's behavior of collecting money.
In addition, the reporter learned that after Li Man's story was reported, his spirit of collecting money was praised by the majority of citizens. The Haikou Civilization Office has listed Li Man as a "good man in Haikou" in the third quarter, and the results will be announced in the near future.gay sex massage