The north is cool in the north of the holiday.

China's weather network news 7 is the last day of the National Day holiday, many people embark on the return journey. Overall, most of the weather in the Middle East is sunny and dry, which is conducive to travel, but the northwest and southwest of the continuous rain, need to pay attention to safety. In addition, affected by cold air, the temperature in most parts of the north will change from high to low, from warm to cold, and accompanied by a 4-5 wind, please pay attention to clothing to keep spa
Recently, under the influence of cold air, most parts of northern China have been caught in gale. Today's 5:00 compared with 5:00 yesterday, the central and western parts of Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, north-central Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, north-central Shanxi and other places to cool 4-8 degrees Celsius, western Heilongjiang, Jilin, central and Western Liaoning, northeastern Hebei, Eastern Beijing, Tianjin and other places to drop by 10-12 degrees Celsius; yesterday, central and Eastern Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Beijing and other places to drop by 10-12 degrees Celsius. There are 6~8 gust in Shanxi, Hebei and Northern club
Today, the cooling area continues to move southward. The Central Meteorological Observatory predicts that there are 4-6 northerly winds in the central and eastern parts of Inner Mongolia, northeast China, North China and east of Huanghuai River, and the temperature in the eastern part of northeast China will drop by 4-6 degrees Celsius.
Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, a new wave of cold air "mending knife" will lower the temperature, Northwest China East, North China, Northeast and South-central, Huanghuai, Jianghuai and other places have 4-6 northerly winds, the temperature will drop by 4-6 degrees Celsius. It is expected that temperatures in northern China will drop to near-term lows around the 9th, for example, the highest temperatures in Beijing and Tianjin on the 9th will be only about 16 degrees Celsius. In addition, the minimum temperature will also drop significantly, and the minimum temperature will gradually retreat to the northern part of Huang Huai in the 10 degree sauna

After the cooling, the temperature in most parts of the north will turn from high to low, from warm to cold, the public should pay attention to timely clothing to keep warm, especially friends coming back from vacation, and may feel like two seasons before leaving. In addition, cold air will not alleviate the dryness of most parts of the north, but from warm to dry, still need to pay attention to bar

Besides cooling, the cold air in the north will bring rain and snow. The Central Meteorological Observatory predicted that from 7 to 9, the eastern Inner Mongolia and northwestern Heilongjiang, and other places have small to medium snow or sleet. On the return trip during the holidays, some sections of Suiman Expressway and other highways need to pay attention to prevent the adverse effects of rain and snow on traffic.

In the near future, there is a continuous rain in the southeastern region of the southwest and Northwest China, and the sun is hard to find. Yesterday, moderate to heavy rain occurred in southwestern Yunnan, Pu'er rainstorm (50-67 mm); Tibet Naqu, Lhasa, Linzhi and other places appear snow (rain) or sleet snow 2-6 mm, the largest Lhasa Dangxiong 30.5 sex massage
It is estimated that under the influence of shear system, it will be overcast (snow) in Southwest China in the next three days. In the eastern and southern parts of Southwest China, there are moderate to heavy rain and local heavy rain; in the eastern and southern parts of Qinghai, northern and Eastern Tibet, and high altitude areas of Western Sichuan plateau, there are small to medium snow or sleet snow, and local to heavy snow.boy massage
The rainy (snowy) weather in the southwest runs through almost the first ten days of October and does not shrink until the tenth. But this is not uncommon in the southwest, where the most precipitation days occur in October.
Snowfall may affect the Beijing-Tibet Expressway in the middle of Tibet and the northern Sichuan-Tibet Line, so it is important to pay attention to safety. In addition, in the intermission period of cloudy rain, early morning fog easily, because before cloudy rain leads to high air humidity, night precipitation stops, if the sky cloudiness decreases, the temperature drops, resulting in water vapor saturation, condensation form fog, driving travel needs special attention.