Film and television industry winter film and television company canceled

Since June, more than 100 Holgos film and television companies have applied for cancellation, including many well-known artists such as Xu Jinglei, Feng Xiaogang as legal persons or shareholders of enterprises, the disappearance of policy dividends, Yin and Yang contract fermentation, industry system standardized management, so that star capital has withdrawn from this once tax massage

The demise of shell companies will reduce Huoerguosi's short-term economic returns, but in the long run, it will be a useful way to break the bubble of high income bubbles in film and television industry and eradicate the tax evasion and tax bar

In addition, Fan Bingbing's "yin yang contract" also sounded the alarm for the development of film and television industry. This is undoubtedly a bad thing for the A share film and television section after the holiday. Tang Wenhui, an analyst with Oriental Securities, said that the film and television content sector is greatly affected by policy supervision. Many new content forms will be hindered by the gradual intervention of policy supervision. If the regulatory policy is further tightened in the future, the related industries will be greatly affected.

Horgos, a small border town in Western China, is unknown to the public because of a series of preferential tax policies.
With low registration costs and high tax returns, the enthusiasm of Mainland enterprises to register their companies has risen unprecedentedly in the past two years. However, due to the lax registration review and regulatory non-standard, resulting in shell companies everywhere, multiple photos, tax evasion and other disorders.
According to media reports, many star studios are registered in Horgos. The registered capital of these Studios is only 10,000 yuan. They are really empty shells. They are only used for financial operation and enjoy tax concessions.
All the "good things" always have a day of extinction, and these film and television shell companies in Huoerguosi are no exception.male massage
In January this year, Huoerguosi began to adjust its preferential tax policies. Local departments put forward that enterprises must land entirely, with a fixed area of office space and corresponding office staff, and pay social security for employees, with 20% of the enterprise income tax reduction for local investment, margin payment and other conditions. Under the pressure of operating cost, going and staying become a multiple-choice question in front of sauna
If the Horgos policy at that time allowed companies to have a choice, the "Yin-Yang contract" that broke out in June of this year made the last hope of the shell company sour, not only Fan Bingbing was involved, was fined 880 million yuan, for stars and these shell companies, the tax department began a thorough investigation.
Standardization of film and television industry
From registration to cancellation, the main dependence is on the preferential policies of Horgos, now the film and television companies have been growing cold, coupled with the gradual tightening of Horgos preferential policies, a series of changes in the company registered in Horgos have "fled", star withdrawal from the capital market is inevitable. gay spa
Since the end of May and the beginning of June, Cui Yongyuan exposed the Yin and Yang contract to date, there have been more than 100 registered Holgus film and television companies on the way to cancel.
In view of the problem of sky-priced film remuneration in the film and television industry, the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the State Administration of Taxation, the State Administration of Radio and Television and the State Film Administration jointly issued the Notice, which calls for strengthening the treatment of sky-priced film remuneration, yin-yang contract and tax evasion in the film and television industry. The red line of "red tape for all actors and guests should not be paid more than 40%". Subsequently, the film and television industry also launched an autonomous action, including mainstream video websites, film and television production companies and industry associations, many film and television practitioners, issued a series of statements and initiatives to combat unreasonable film remuneration and industry unhealthy trends.
Central Plains Securities (4.200,? 0.06,? 1.45%) said that the rapid rise in star film remuneration in recent years is an important factor in the high production and procurement costs of film and television drama. In order to attract the audience and clicks, in recent years, the head play has become the object of competition between TV stations and video websites. The production cost and purchase price of the head play have also risen. However, the high cost has not significantly improved the quality of the film and television play, and many high-investment, large-production TV plays have not been able to get good market evaluation. The main reason is that the starring stars pay too much, squeezing the investment in film and television production funds and resources. The three major video websites are the main purchasing power of the network broadcasting channel of the movie and TV series. Six film and TV companies have also produced a large number of head-up movies and TV series. This restriction on star's sky-high price film remuneration will effectively reduce the pressure on producers and the purchase cost of video websites, and make the cost structure of the film and TV series more reasonable.
Tang Wenhui, an analyst at Oriental Securities, believes that the state's policy to limit the high price of the high price of the high-intensity burst of events, the withdrawal of capital took away the high temperature of investment, while evaporating a lot of market confidence. "Tighter regulation will soon cause some small and medium-sized companies to suspend their projects and speed up the industry reshuffle. In the long run, audiences still have a strong demand for films and TV plays, and standardized management is conducive to intensive resources at the supply side and improve production club
As mentioned in Zhongyuan Securities Research Report, due to the strong flow attributes of the current front-line stars, under the influence of high commercial value, the short-term still has a stronger bargaining power, and there are stars in the industry as producers, producers and other multiple identities, will be paid into equity, investment returns, dividends and so on. The form of non-remuneration income evades the limitation of remuneration, so it is necessary to explore effective means of restriction in the short term. The second and third-tier stars are less influential than the first-tier stars, lack of bargaining power, this time or be greatly affected. If you can't find effective stars.boy massage