Every time you spend your holidays, your wallet is emptied?

Editor's note: it's a national day. Since the first "Eleventh Golden Week" in 1999, Chinese people have ushered in the 20th "Eleventh Golden Week". In 20 years, the holiday system with concentrated holidays gradually changed the way of life of Chinese people.gay massage
In recent years, in order to let relatives and friends can witness an important moment in life, more and more new people set the wedding day on holidays, the National Day Golden Week has gradually become a wedding peak.
Before the holiday, many people have received more than one invitation to get married, with money reserved for a large sum of money in advance. To this end, there are friends ridicule, September wages were married to the national day. Some netizens said, seven days off to catch up with four weddings, junior high school, high school, university students have, so the money to travel out. There are also netizens teasing, the thought of their boyfriend not even, but also to attend several weddings is very angry.
Li Jiao, who works in Zhengzhou, said she and her husband had received three wedding and a full moon wine invitation. Of the three weddings, two were friends, and because they were too far away, they did not go to the scene, but they had to have money. Li Jiao said that when they got married, they all gave about 500 yuan, and she returned so many gifts in order to "exchange courtesy".gay spa
Another is Li Jiao's cousin, two people live in a neighborhood, when she married, her cousin gave her more money than other relatives, so this time the cousin married, Li Jiao's gifts also more than usual, in order to appear closer.
Plus the full moon wine, during the national day, the gift of gold, she will spend more than 3000 yuan.
Li Jiao got married in June of this year. In 2017, she bought a house with her husband in Zhengzhou. Marriage is sweet, but days have to be counted. On the first day of each month, they will spend more than 5000 yuan on their mortgage. Plus gifts, gifts, National Day holiday, how to spend more than 10000.

"This festival is always afraid." Li Jiao sighed, "fortunately, the two have no children, otherwise the pressure is even greater."gay club

She works with her husband outside, and the family is afraid they are not doing well, so when she goes back, she pretends to be doing well in front of her parents. The parents seem to be aware of this, each time they go home, they will give a lot of things, including oil, noodles, spices, etc., her mother-in-law also stole money into her purse.

"The boat goes straight to the bridge, and it's good to live right now. When two people fight together, life will be fine." Li Jiao said.
Whether it's a "sea of people" or an outbound tour, it's Qian Qianqian.
National Day Golden Monday has always been the peak season for tourism, and some well-known domestic attractions are still popular, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and so on. According to the statistics of the Beijing Tourism Commission, 37,000 people visited Badaling on the 11th day, and the Great Wall has a "sea of people" landscape.
On the 11th day, the China Tourism Research Institute (the data center of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism) estimated that 122 million domestic tourists were received nationwide, an increase of 7.54% over the same period of the year, and the domestic tourism revenue was 103 billion yuan, an increase of 7.19%.
This is higher than the whole National Day Golden Week in 1999. Over the past decade, people have spent more and more on tourism.gay sauna
Some people choose to travel with a group. Sun Xiao, who works in Beijing, has set up a "Jiangnan Water Township" tour group on the Internet. He can visit Zhouzhuang, Wuxi, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places, such as scenic spots as Wuzhen and West Lake. Sun Xiao said that because of the group tour, the cost is not too great, and the toll and accommodation add up to about more than 2000.
On October 4, Chen Yang from Hebei Province and his boyfriend set off for Xiamen. They traveled by air. The two spent a total of 3,200 yuan. She says airfares are inexpensive, and hotels are the most expensive. They spend about 3,000 for five days, not to mention other expenses.

In addition to visiting scenic spots and watching the "sea of people" at home, many people are also starting to go abroad, outbound tourism, holiday tourism is welcomed, in contrast, some popular tourist destinations ticket and hotel prices also increased.gay bar

Chen Yang said she had also considered two places for her National Day trip, Malaysia's Yapei and Saipan, but gave up because of the high price of air tickets and hotels during the National Day rush hour.

"From Beijing to Kota Kinabalu, a person's round-trip ticket will be about 7000 yuan, usually three thousand or four thousand." Perhaps because of the National Day rush hour and the group period, air tickets and hotels have almost doubled, Chen Yang said, and Saipan is the same, usually two people's air ticket hotel fees are now only one person.
Peak season, popular spending is too high, some people choose to miss the peak period, to travel to higher cost-effective places. Cambodia, South Korea and Vietnam rank high among outbound destinations, while Japan and Thailand are still popular, according to data from a tourism platform.male massage
There is only a six-day gap between the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day this year. If you take six-day annual leave, you can get a 16-day holiday. Zhou Ying, from Sichuan, took a long vacation to Southeast Asia, first to Thailand, then to Vietnam. Because she missed the National Day peak, her trip was worth the money. However, due to the fact that she had not accumulated much money just now, she also said that she would have to eat the soil when she came back.
It costs a lot to attend a wedding and travel, so if you don't go anywhere and stay home for seven days, isn't there any expense? You are wrong. In fact, you must buy and buy at home.
Li Jiao said that she would buy gifts for her parents at about 1000 yuan. In addition, the family's sister, nephew and niece also can not.boy massage