Men refused to pay for tickets for police escape

BEIJING, Oct. 4 (Xinhua) - Father took his 7-year-old son to his hometown by train on National Day and bought only one train ticket to take advantage of it. When he left the station, the staff found out that he left his son alone at the railway station to avoid making up the ticket. Until the police contacted him, he came back to pick up the child. In October 3rd, the scene at HuaiAn Railway Station in Jiangsu was an eye massage
On October 3, Guo police officer, who was maintaining order at the exit of Huai'an Railway Station, received a report from the staff that a man with a child about 1.4 meters tall took a train from Nantong to Huai'an, but bought only one ticket. According to the railway regulations, children who exceed 1.2 meters and do not exceed 1.5 meters need to buy children's tickets when they travel by train. When the staff asked the man to make up for the children's ticket, the man in order to avoid the ticket, even left the child alone in the railway station, after leaving the station to go.
By communicating with the child, officer Guo learned that the child was Xiao Wei (not his real name), 7 years old and 1.4 meters tall. The man who had just dropped him was his father. In order to take care of the children, Guo sent Xiao Wei to the police station and contacted the father who had left the child through the mobile phone number provided by Xiao Wei.male massage
Half an hour later, the man came to the railway station, the police through the understanding that the man's surname Cai, working in Nantong, his son Xiaowei and he went to school in Nantong, National Day holidays plan to take Xiaowei back home to Suining, in order to take advantage of small discounts did not buy train tickets for the children, want to take advantage of the National Day holiday peak passenger flow, railway station ticket inspection. Save money while missing.
Mr. Cai took his children from Nantong railway station to Huaian by train. I didn't expect to leave the station, but I was stopped by the staff at the exit. Mr. Cai said he bought a child's ticket for Xiao Wei in Nantong. Xiao Wei lost the ticket during the ride. He was angry when he met the staff who asked for a supplementary ticket. In addition, Xiao Wei was always naughty and annoyed. He left Xiao Wei alone at the railway station in a fit of anger and left the station by himself.boy massage
When the police pointed out that Mr. Cai had bought only one ticket through the railway ticket purchasing system, he was still sophisticating that he would not make up the ticket. Mr. Cai was silent when the police asked him if he was concerned about the safety of the child, whether the child's infantile care was harmed, and whether parents should set a good example of honesty and trustworthiness for their male massage videos

According to the regulations of railway credit investigation management, Mr. Cai's refusal to make up the tickets will be included in the blacklist of railway passenger credit investigation, which will restrict his future purchase of tickets.