In order to protect his wife, the driver hit the car in a crash.

Modern Express News recently, in 241 provincial highway Zhenjiang Dantu District Road, a truck just out of the gas station and a Cadillac SUV collided, the fuel tank was smashed, oil leakage. Cadillac SUV lost control of seven or eight meters after the collision. Modern Express reporter from Zhenjiang Dantu police learned that the Cadillac SUV will lose control, and the driver hit the direction after the crash, and he hit the direction, so as not to let his wife in the co-driver's position massage
When a man hit a car, he hit the steering wheel to protect his wife and flew to the opposite lane.
According to Zhenjiang Dantu Traffic Police Brigade police, September 26, at 10:00 am, Zhenjiang Dantu District 241 provincial road Xinfeng Town Shanbei Village Road, a traffic accident, a SUV will be a heavy truck tank smashed, diesel sprinkled on the ground. After receiving the police, Dantu Traffic Police Brigade accident squadron rushed to the scene of the bar
Police arrived at the scene found that a champagne-colored Cadillac SUV was seriously damaged in the front right, a blue truck's fuel tank was seriously damaged, the truck's damaged fuel tank, diesel oil basically leaked, the scene of the accident filled with a strong smell of sauna
When a man hit a car, he hit the steering wheel to protect his wife and flew to the opposite lane.
The police evacuated the accident vehicles and personnel to the safe area after taking evidence at the scene, and another policeman conducted evacuation of passing vehicles at the scene.
The police asked the truck driver Du Mou on the spot. Du said he had started refueling a heavy truck with a license plate of Su K26xxxx at the Shanbeicun gas station in Xinfeng Town. After refueling, he was ready to take a left turn from the gas station and enter the road. He heard a loud bang, and then saw a champagne-colored SUV thrown directly from the west to the east of the road. The SUV was thrown out of control about seven or eight meters away before it stopped. He was so confused that he didn't know what was going on. It was only later that the truck found itself colliding with the SUV. The truck's fuel tank was badly damaged. Diesel oil spilled under the truck and was club
When a man hit a car, he hit the steering wheel to protect his wife and flew to the opposite lane.
In the face of a police inquiry, Wu, the other party to the accident, said he was driving a Cadillac SUV with a Su LANxxx license, carrying his wife along 241 provincial road from north to south, driving to the accident section, attention is not focused, neglected to observe the road conditions, when seeing the truck has no time to brake, his car directly Hit the tank on the spa
To avoid injuries to his wife in the co-driver's seat, Wu slammed to the left for safety reasons after hitting the truck, and the car was thrown directly to the east of 241 Provincial Road.
The huge impact caused the front windshield of the SUV to break severely, the right headlights to be completely damaged, and the damage was about 60,000.
Wu claimed that he now recalls the circumstances of the incident, and he was sweating all over.
Fortunately, the accident did not cause casualties.male massage
Police said that the accident, truck driver Du Mou through the road intersection, left into the road in the process of observation is not careful, did not avoid direct SUV. At present, the accident is being further processed.
Traffic police warned that it is important to drive safely in autumn, avoid "autumn fatigue" and comply with traffic regulations. In autumn, cool weather, yawning and fatigue are prone to occur, that is, the so-called "autumn fatigue" phenomenon, leading to mental depression, inattention; in addition, when driving a motor vehicle turn, turn carefully, in the absence of Traffic lights at turning junctions must be allowed to go straight ahead to avoid sex massage