Next month's wages will welcome four big profits.

Original title: next month's salary will have four advantages. Let's see how many you can occupy.
When this Mid Autumn Festival is over, the 7 day National Day holiday will come again.
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For office workers, it's not just a long vacation. Next month's salary is also worth looking forward to, because next month's salary will usher in four big advantages.
Wages can be issued ahead of schedule.
According to the Interim Regulations on Payment of Wages, if an employing unit fails to pay during holidays, it shall pay wages on the latest working sauna
Article 7 of the Provisional Regulations on Wage Payment stipulates that wages must be paid on the date agreed between the employing unit and the workers. In case of holidays or rest days, payment should be made in advance on the nearest working day. Wages shall be paid at least once a month, and the weekly, daily and hourly wages shall be paid weekly, daily and hourly.
That is to say, before the National Day holiday, many units will pay their salaries in October.
Your salary will rise from October 1st onwards.
In August 31st, the revised personal income tax law was escort
The new tax law will take effect from January 1, 2019, and the new threshold and tax rate will be implemented from October 1, 2018. According to the new tax law, the income from wages and salaries of taxpayers from October 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018 shall be converted monthly according to the personal income tax rate scale (applicable to comprehensive income) after the deduction of 5,000 yuan from monthly income and the balance after special deduction and other deductions determined according to law. Calculate the payment of taxes and no longer deduct additional deductions.
According to the new tax law, how much money can you save in one year?male massage