The DPRK and ROK agreed to permanently abolish the Dong Cang Li missile.

Original title: the DPRK and ROK agreed to abolish the Yongbyon nuclear facility and the To Kurari missile launching base.
On the morning of the 19th, after concluding talks with South Korean President Wen Jae-in and signing the Pyongyang Joint Declaration, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and Wen Jae-in jointly held a joint press conference. Kim Jeong-eun said he will visit Seoul in the near future.
Kim Jong-un said at a news conference that he will actively strive to turn the Korean Peninsula into a peaceful land without nuclear weapons and will visit Seoul as soon as possible. gay sauna
Wen said that the two sides agreed to eliminate the military threat in all parts of the peninsula, and for the first time the two sides reached agreement on a denuclearization plan. Leaders of the two sides agreed that the Dong Tung Li missile engine test ground and missile launcher would be permanently abolished. The DPRK will consider additional measures such as the permanent abolition of the Yongbyon nuclear facilities according to the corresponding measures taken by the United States.
Wen Yin said that the two sides will hold a commencement ceremony for connecting the East West Railway and roads within this year. When conditions are ripe, we will promote the resumption of the Kaesong industrial park and the normalization of tourism in Mount Kumgang. As soon as possible, we will promote the operation of the permanent family members of the scattered families. male massage
Wen Yin also told reporters at the press conference that the two Koreas will jointly bid for the 2032 Summer Olympic Games. gay escort