Shijiazhuang military stationmaster stationed in Xining for business trip to Dunhuang

(original title: Xining business trip Dunhuang to visit thousands of miles to pay for business)
According to the China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Report, this business trip in Xining, Qinghai Province, but rented a car to visit Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Gansu Province, in order to cover up people's ears and eyes, all fees let enterprises pay. Recently, the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Inspection of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, notified Duan Hongquan, the head of the military supply station, of the typical spiritual problem of violating the eight Central regulations. gay escort
"Duan Hongquan, the chief of the city's army station, went out for a tour on the way to a meeting." In May 2017, the Discipline Inspection Commission of Shijiazhuang City received a mass report on Duan Hongquan's public-funded tourism and other issues. From the reimbursement vouchers, Duan Hongquan's official trip can be called "clean and honest". The three civil servants only reimbursed each person 3280 yuan for round trip air tickets in the unit. Is there anything else behind this?
Due to the clear clues to the reporting problems, the Shijiazhuang Discipline Inspection Commission organized an investigation, and finally found out that Duan Hongquan took the opportunity of investigation in Xining, Qinghai Province to change his official itinerary, to Jiayuguan, Gansu Province, Dunhuang tourism problems.
Originally, in June 2014, Duan Hongquan and two other colleagues went to Xining Military Supply Station to do a good job in preparation for the construction of Shijiazhuang Military Supply Station. Zhang Zenglu, head of Hebei Dongming International Home Expo Co., Ltd., who is the representative of the cooperative party, also took two technicians with him. A total of 6 people, of whom 3 were public officers. gay club
Two days after his visit to Xining, Duan Hongquan felt that it was not easy to come from Shijiazhuang for a long journey, and his study was very hard. So he changed his official schedule without authorization and decided to go to Jiayuguan, a thousand miles away, for a visit. "Let everyone leave no regrets."
It takes more than 560 kilometers to drive from Xining to Jiayuguan, and it's a long way to go. Zhang Zenglu, a colleague of the same trade, thought it was a good opportunity to make friends with these leading cadres, so he took the initiative to rent a business car at a high price for the convenience of Duan Hongquan and others.
After playing the scenic spot in Jiayuguan, Duan Hong Quan is still reluctant to do so, and proposes to bypass Dunhuang to visit Mogao Grottoes. "It's not easy for us to come to the Great Northwest. We might as well go to Mogao Grottoes and fly back to Shijiazhuang from Dunhuang." So the driver drove another more than 400 kilometers to Mogao Grottoes. gay male massage videos
Unfortunately, when they arrived at Dunhuang, they were encountering the closure of the Mogao Grottoes. In order to make up for their "regret in the heart", a group of people turned around to visit the 5A scenic spot Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Spring. During the period of Dunhuang, all the food and lodging tickets were paid by Zhang Zenglu.
After returning to Shijiazhuang, Duan Hongquan and other three public officials only reimbursed the airfare of official travel in the unit, each of which was 3280 yuan, and the other expenses were paid by the cooperative enterprise.