Welcome to Wen Yin in Pyongyang

September 18, local time on the morning of September 18, the airport in Pyongyang was solemnly welcomed by South Korean President Wen Jae-in and the DPRK State Council Chairman Kim Jong-un two cars to the city of Pyongyang.gay spa
When the convoy entered downtown Pyongyang, citizens of Pyongyang lined up on both sides of the road to welcome President Wen Jae-in. Pyongyang citizens in South Korean uniforms and men in suits orderly shouted slogans such as "reunification of the motherland", "peace and prosperity" and "welcome".
Wen, who used to take two cars, got off at the same time as Kim Jeong-eun and waved to the people of Pyongyang. A local woman presented flowers to Wen Yin. Since then, the two men in a convertible car, more than 20 motorcycles under the escort of Pyongyang citizens were welcomed to the Baiyuan State Guesthouse.
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While Wen Jae-in waved to Pyongyang citizens on the bus, Kim Jong-un stood by and applauded gently.
It is worth mentioning that the motorcade route covers the three major revolutionary exhibition hall, the immortal tower, Dawn Street, Jinxiushan Sun Palace and other important landmarks in downtown Pyongyang.
At 11:19, Wen and Kim Jeong-eun arrived in Baihua yuan guesthouse with a Mercedes Benz.
Yin Yong-chan, Chief Secretary of national communications at Tsingwatai, Seoul, said Wen and Kim Jong-un were welcomed by Pyongyang citizens on their way from the airport to Baiyuan.
According to the distance from the airport to the Baiyuan State Guest House and the arrival time, Wen and Kim should have a separate conversation in a car for 40 to 50 minutes. gay sauna
Wen Zaiyin and Kim Jong-un, departing from the airport at 10:21, arrived at the Baiyuan State Guest House at 11:19, nearly 20 minutes behind schedule. When Kim Dae-jung visited Pyongyang in 2000, he shared a car with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il on his way from the airport to the Baiyuan State Guesthouse.