Less than 20 thousand yuan a month, the tax burden of taxpayers can be reduced by more than 50%.

The establishment of a comprehensive and classified tax system is the biggest highlight of the tax reform. Experts suggest that, when conditions are ripe, the income items should be gradually expanded into the scope of comprehensive levy, so as to better play the role of individual tax in promoting tax fairness and adjusting income distribution. At the same time, various factors need to be taken into account in the implementation of the special additional deduction, which should be fair and at the same time minimize the cost of compliance uuuuuuuuu
Recently, the executive meeting of the State Council decided to implement the newly revised personal income tax law supporting measures. The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation have also issued documents clarifying the application of personal income tax deduction fees and tax rates in the fourth quarter of 2008. gay sauna
From Oct. 1, the payroll slip will show tax dividends for reform, and a series of new changes will follow. In view of the related hot topics brought about by the tax reform, the reporters interviewed relevant departments and experts.
Tax system from classification to comprehensive leap
The most fundamental change in this tax amendment is the change in the tax system pattern, which realizes the combination of classification and synthesis from classification.gay escort
The original personal income tax law adopted the method of classified taxation, which divided the taxable income into 11 categories and implemented different taxation methods. "Under the taxation system, people with the same total income have different tax burdens because they can not collect income from different sources, which is not conducive to the fair distribution of tax burden." Liu Yi, Professor of economics at Peking University.
The new tax law incorporates four kinds of labor income (called "comprehensive income") into the scope of the syndrome tax, including wages, salary income, remuneration income for labor services, remuneration income for manuscripts and royalty income, and applies a unified excess progressive tax rate. Individual residents are charged on an annual basis. Calculate personal income tax.gay male massage videos 
"This reform has far-reaching implications. From the point of view of tax equity, a comprehensive levy can balance the tax burden of taxpayers with different sources of income but at the same level of income, i.e. horizontal equity as described in the tax law, so that people with the same income can pay the same amount of tax. Resident taxpayers will change to annual consolidated taxation, which will further balance the taxpayer's tax burden and be more fair and reasonable. Li Xuhong, director of the fiscal and taxation policy and Applied Research Institute of National Accounting Institute, Beijing, said.