Liu Chuanjian family, the hero of the Sichuan Airlines

On the 14 day, the Sichuan Airlines 3U8633 flight carried out the Chongqing Lhasa flight task. The windshield of the cockpit was broken off and the unit was in urgent decline. The plane was safely delivered to Chengdu Shuangliu Airport at 07:46, and all passengers landed safely. The captain Liu Chuanjian's epic level was shocking. This event soon became a hot spot on the Internet, and the driver had successfully landed a circle of friends in the case of windshield glass falling off, and everyone gave praise to the hero Liu Chuanjian and the crew. It is worth mentioning that the hero captain is from Jiulongpo, sauna
Today, the upstream slow news - Chongqing evening news reporter interviewed the captain Liu Chuanjian's family and friends in Chongqing to see what the hero was like in the eyes of his family and friends.
Sichuan Airlines hero captain Liu Chuanjian family: he almost took over as a cement worker.
Sichuan Airlines hero captain Liu Chuanjian family: he almost took over as a cement worker Liu Chuanjian's friend in the circle of friends for him to forward points.
Second sister: the next shift work in the cement factory
On the morning of (15) morning, the Chongqing evening news reporter interviewed Liu Chuanping, the second sister of Liu Chuanjian, the captain of Sichuan Airlines. Liu Chuanping told reporters that Liu Chuanjian is a native of the Jiulongpo town of Jiulongpo District. As a land contractor, there are still a few contracted land in the village. This morning, the younger brother gave his family another peace. "Nothing! It's all good. " gay spa
Sister Liu Chuanping said that his younger brother didn't pass the first year's test flight, and almost took his father's class to work in the cement plant. The high school teacher opened a small kitchen to help him take the test.
"He's smart in his mind as a child." The younger brother got excellent results from his childhood. He failed in the first year when he tested the pilot. The culture class was a little worse, and the whole family was very sorry. When dad worked in a cement plant, he could take over according to the policy. Thinking of a stable job, he went to the factory for about 2 months. Later, the school said he could review it. He was very happy and went back to school to review. The result was second years.
In the military academy, his brother often writes letters with his elder sister and his parents, training hard, but he feels very honored to aspire to soar in the sky. The younger brother's life allowance was very small, and the two elder sisters who worried about his brother's body often offered meals to his brother. What was too far away? The second sister who has already worked has squeezed 20 yuan from her 50 yuan salary to her massage