Ma Ying-Jeou was sentenced to 4 months in prison

Ma Ying-Jeou, a former Taiwan leader, was charged with a "leak case". The two trial sentence of the Taiwan High Court is 4 months, and it can be fined easily. Luo Zhiqiang, Secretary General of the presidential palace, said: "corrupt officials are high in the temple, but the most incorruptible Ma Ying-Jeou has been sentenced. Taiwan! Sad! "male massage
According to the 15 - day report of the "medium - time electronic newspaper" on the platform, Luo Zhiqiang said in his face book that the trial of the high court is absurd today. According to the logic of the judgment of the second instance, no one in Taiwan can do anything. Ma Ying-Jeou was sentenced to death. Is Ma Ying-Jeou the injured or is this fair Taiwan? "To talk about the judiciary, to oppose the judiciary." The real corrupt officials are in the temple. But the most honest Ma Ying-Jeou was sentenced. Taiwan! Sad!
The Taiwan writer, Los Angeles, also said in Facebook, "the case was convicted by a court assault. Is it a 2nd anniversary gift for Cai Yingwen 520?" the only party, Ke Jianming and ah Bian want to open the champagne "? Below, there are netizens leaving a message saying, "after they demonstrate how to change their dynastic changes, how others can liquidate them" and "fear Ma Ying-Jeou will come out again."gay massage
Ma Ying-Jeou's Office spokesman, Xu Qiaoxin, said, "the verdict came to the moment, and the North prosecutor's office immediately heard a 3 - second cheering that was heard in the nearby corridor. "She said she was very sorry for the outcome of the decision, but also worried that the" supervisory committee "Chen Shimeng and the judge" do not run blue "had caused the cold cicada effect in the legal male massage videos