"Say hello" to the Taiwan warship

Original title: Ma'anshan ship cruise fun: to greet the Taiwanese warship initiatively, the latter panicked.gay escort
In the afternoon of May 11th, by the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission and the Central Committee of the central network, the "new era of" the "new era of strong military forces" entered the seventh station - a Navy frigate detachment in the eastern war zone.
This is a "young" force, which was just formed in May 2017, but it is also a force that inherits red genes and has a glorious history of war, and as a warship branch set up by many troops, its predecessor had participated in the sea and air battles of the oversea war, the liberation of the Jiangshan island and the eastern battle of the East. The 42 time has created successful naval history, such as the "near war night battle at sea", "small boat hit the big ship", and many other main warships carrying out the Gulf of Aden escort and visit. The detachment stationed in the front line of the southeast coast is an important force to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.gay spa
As part of the campaign, the team opened three warships for Internet Celebrities and media reporters, and journalists were lucky to participate in two of the visits - the Yiwu and Ma'anshan ships. The Yiwu ship is the newest light guard frigate of the Chinese Navy and the first Chinese frigate named after the county-level city. The two ships of Ma'anshan have escorted the Gulf of Aden and Somalia waters, showing great courage and remarkable results in many Diaoyu Islands Cruising and South China Sea cruising missions. A "young" cutting-edge, vigorous, one is in the "prime of life", the world.gay male massage videos