Burma armed conflict bomb falls into China

Original title: the Chinese Embassy in Burma issued a statement on the armed conflict in northern Burma: the parties to the conflict immediately cease fire, and restore stability and tranquility in the border area as soon as possible.gay massage
In May 12th, armed clashes between the Burma government army and the police forces and some local minority local armed forces in the neighbouring country of Burma, in the northern part of China, led to the casualties of the Burmese people and the fleeing of the border people to China, and the bombs fell into the territory of China.
Burma's armed conflict has fallen into China, and China has made solemn representations.
The Chinese Embassy in Burma condemned the violence and deplore the innocent casualties of the people concerned. The Chinese side has made a solemn negotiation to the relevant parties in Burma, demanding that all parties to the conflict keep restraint, cease fire immediately and take effective measures to prevent the expansion of the situation and further cause casualties, restore stability and tranquillity in the border areas of China and Myanmar as soon as possible, and ensure the security of the lives and property of the border people of the two countries.male massage
At present, all parties concerned in Burma are making preparations for the third "twenty-first Century peace conference in Bin lung". We firmly oppose any attempt to destroy the stability and tranquillity of the Sino Burma border, resolutely oppose any deliberate interference in the Burma peace process, and call on all the parties concerned to strengthen dialogue, enhance mutual trust, and move towards each other, and play a constructive role in promoting the process of national reconciliation and peace in Burma.gay sauna