She lost her legs in the Wenchuan earthquake

10 years, it looks like a long time, but it is a wave of fingers. " People's feelings of time do not take will as the transfer, 10 years, time enough to change everything, the ruins into a beautiful new town, the growth of small trees to the pillars, life gradually restored to sauna
10 years ago, the West China Metropolis Daily reporter who participated in the interview with Wenchuan earthquake news, every time he talked about the events of the year, everyone would say, "unforgettable." Reporters like this occupation, let them have interviewed a number of people, places, more concern and concern.
Some of these reporters went to the earthquake stricken area many times, witnessing the rebirth of the disaster areas, seeing the moss on the ruins, pulling up the buildings on the ruins, pulling up high buildings on the earth, and shining sunlight into the shadows. Visitors have been keeping in touch with each other, feeling the enthusiasm and optimism of each other, and being persistent and strong in escort
Today, it is exactly 10 years after the "5. 12" Wenchuan earthquake. We invited the 4 reporters who were specially sent to the earthquake stricken area to listen to the story of these 10 years.
In recent days, attention has been paid to people and events in the Wenchuan earthquake. The young children have grown up now. When I hear the success of the earthquake figures who have been reported, I silently bless them. In the 10 year, the wounds that had been torn to blood were gradually healed. They started a new life. What is more important than hope?
A few days ago, I saw Liao Zhi, an inspiring girl, in WeChat's circle of friends. She said she was pregnant with third babies. In the photo, Liao Zhi's husband stroked her raised belly and her daughter sat on spa