The representative of the people's Congress drunken and scold the duty police

Original title: Shandong Pingdu responded to "NPC deputies on duty and scolding duty police": compulsory measures will be massage
In May 11th, the Public Security Bureau of Pingdu City, Qingdao, Shandong, in response to the "deputies of the people's Congress and scolding the police to obstruct the enforcement of law enforcement", said in response to the news that the case was investigated in April 20th, and the criminal coercive measures will be taken to the party Jiang Mouxin in the near future.
The monitoring video of the news obtained by the surging news showed that a man and the traffic police were in conflict with the traffic police on the side of a brick factory opposite the three city road in Pingdu City, 14 hours in March 17th. In the meantime, many times they ignored others' discouragement, chasing one of their duty officers, and repeatedly attacked the head and neck of several duty officers with their hands. In the picture, the attacker did not return the attack. At 14:11, a police car pulled up to the roadside. After getting off the bus, three policemen got out of control.male massage
According to people familiar with the matter, the hit man Jiang Mouxin, who had obvious alcohol gas at that time, was examined by the clay slag truck as a brick factory. Liu, an abusive and chasing officer, is a six police squadron of Pingdu City traffic police. He is 60 years old and has multiple scratches on his neck. In addition, there are other staff members who have been beaten.
On the 11 day, Pingdu City Public Security Bureau confirmed to the surging news that the men involved were Pingdu Municipal People's Congress deputy secretary and Ma Jia Village branch secretary of Dian zi Town. After receiving the alarm, Jiang Mouxin and others were investigated on suspicion of obstruction of public service in April 20th. At present, the relevant evidence of the police is being supplemented and perfected, and criminal coercive measures will be adopted to Jiang Mouxin in the near male massage videos