The former president of South Korea will be on trial for 28 days

Overseas network May 11, according to Yonhap 11 reported, because of the alleged defamation of the deceased former president of the South Korean President Quan Douhuan, will receive the first trial on the 28 day, I am not in spa
On the 3 th of this month, South Korea's Kwangju local procuratorate filed a non detention lawsuit against Quan Douhuan, 87, on the grounds of allegedly defaming the massage
He is reported to be suspected of distorting and denying some of the facts in the "5 / 18 Kwangju incident" in 1980, and suspected of defamation of the victims and their survivors in his memoirs.
Quan Douhuan has been reelected as the eleventh and 12 president of the Republic of Korea. In 1996, he was prosecuted for military offense and so on. He was sentenced to death in the first instance and later commuted to life imprisonment. In December 1997, Quan Dun Hwan was granted an amnesty by President elect Kim Dae-jung and was released in early 1998. In July 2013, he was repaid by the copy.male massage