Mahaddie, 92, will win over the 60 year history of the present regime

In May 10th, according to Daily Sabah, the Sabah daily (Sabah), an official poll showed that the hope Union, led by former Prime Minister Mahaddie (Mahathir), had 112 seats in a simple majority of parliamentary seats, enough to raise the government and win the general election and end the ruling National Front. 60 years of governance. The National Front led by Premier Naguib only received 76 escort
Mahaddie announced at 11:10 on Wednesday night that, according to unofficial statistics, it was hoped that the alliance had captured 6 state regimes, including Penang, Selangor, Kedah, Negeri Sembilan, Johore and Malacca. He said he was very confident that the coalition would be able to gain power by a simple majority of the seats in Parliament. He criticized the Election Commission for not carrying out its work properly, refusing to sign the ballot form 14, so that official voting results could not be released. Nearly 15 million of the registered voters in the country voted for 222 seats in the house of Commons and 505 seats in the state legislature, and at least 112 seats in the house of Commons would be able to organize the government. Naguib successfully retained the seats, but several heavyweight candidates from the National Front club
Bknint-20180510003042452-0510_17011_001_03p.jpg hopes the alliance's supporters will be pleased. (picture: The Associated Press)
In April 28th, the fourteenth Malaysia general election ushered in the nomination day. Malaysia's current Prime Minister Naguib and former Prime Minister Mahaddie have nominated their respective constituencies respectively. The game between the two generations of leaders is still not clear at the last minute. It has become Malaysia's most stalemate election since independence.
National League and Naguib played the first hand economic card. For the ruling coalition, Malaysia's recent economic performance is still an important magnet to attract votes, and many voters regard the economy as the direction of voting.
For the opposition coalition, they think Mahaddie's name is a "trump card". Mahaddie, born in December 1925, was the oldest candidate in the general election, and 22 years as prime minister from 1981 to 2003, the longest serving prime minister in Malaysia. During his stay as prime minister, he devoted himself to developing economic and national modernization and still received many respect from Malaysia people.
Earlier, according to Xinhua news agency, the Malaysia parliamentary elections began voting in May 9th, and elected 222 members of Parliament and 505 state legislators.
Bknint-20180510003042452-0510_17011_001_04p.jpg supporters of the League rushed to the streets to celebrate. (picture: The Associated Press)male massage
Malaysia has a simple majority election system, and political parties usually have majority seats in the house of Commons. The parliament of Malaysia is the highest legislative body in the country, consisting of the house of Lords and the house of Commons. There are 222 seats in the house of Commons. Each member has a term of 5 years and is elected by general election. There are 70 seats in the house of Lords, and 2 members from each of the 13 state legislatures in the country.