Li Keqiang meets Wen Zaiyin

China News Agency, Tokyo, May, 9, local time, on the afternoon of May 9th, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with Korean President Wen Yin in spa
Li Keqiang first conveyed president Xi Jinping's cordial greetings to Wen Ying Yin's president. Li Keqiang said that China and South Korea are friendly neighbors and important partners. The Chinese side is willing to strengthen strategic communication with the Korean side, consolidate political mutual trust, deepen mutual benefit cooperation, and further ease the regional situation. The Chinese side will continue to properly handle the "Saad" problem. The two sides should strengthen development strategy docking, deepen cooperation in various fields, and expand mutual benefit and win-win situation. gay male massage videos
Li Keqiang pointed out that the meeting of leaders of China, Japan and Korea reached a lot of new consensus on strengthening cooperation, maintaining regional stability and promoting regional development. After this meeting, China will take over the chairmanship of China, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan, Japan and Japan, look forward to working with Japan and South Korea to promote mutual trust and progress, and promote the process of cooperation and regional integration between China, Japan and Japan.
Li Keqiang stressed the success of the summit meeting shortly before the north and the south, welcoming the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula back to the dialogue track and highly evaluating the efforts made by the Korean side. This situation is not easy. All parties should grasp the opportunity, maintain dialogue and improve the correct direction of mutual relations, make efforts to solve the peninsula problem and achieve lasting peace on the peninsula. China will continue to play a constructive role to this end.
Wen said he congratulated the leaders of Korea, China and Japan on their positive results. Not long ago, the North South Summit was successful, and thanks to China for its strong support and cooperation. Next, in the process of the DPRK US summit and the realization of the peninsula peace, we hope to continue to win the support of the Chinese side. This year is the establishment of the Sino Korean strategic partnership 10th anniversary. The relations between the two countries can be restored and normalized. The two sides maintain high-level exchanges, consolidate political mutual trust, promote pragmatic cooperation and promote new progress in bilateral relations. gay sauna
Wang Yi and He Lifeng took part in the meeting.