Trump's withdrawal from the Iran agreement

According to the CNBC news network, according to the CNBC news network, Boeing will sell 80 aircraft to Iranian airlines, including 50 737 MAX 8, and 15 777-9, 777-300ER, with a total amount of about $17 billion; and the Iran Aseman Airlines (Iran Aseman Airlines) has also ordered 30 737 MAX, with a total amount of about 3 0 billion dollars. Boeing officials said the deal could increase the United States by 100 thousand male massage videos
According to the report, Boeing official said that after withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear agreement, the Boeing government will discuss with the US government to draw up the next plan. After the withdrawal of the Iranian nuclear agreement, Boeing shares were also affected today. U.S. time closed at $338.37 in May 8th, or down by US $2.06, or about escort
The report said that in the past, there was a forecast that Trump's sanctions on Iran would have an impact on Boeing, and that the withdrawal from the Iraq nuclear agreement was almost "chop down" the order of Iran. Boeing, however, is the world's largest aircraft manufacturer, and the order of $20 billion is not much compared with the overall order of the company. At the end of the first quarter of Boeing, orders for 5800 aircraft were received, of which 737 were over 4600. Boeing pointed out that these data did not include Iran's orders.
Dennis Muhlenberg (Dennis Muilenburg), the chief executive of Boeing, has previously said that the company's 777 type of productivity is not dependent on Iran's order.
According to previous reports, 8 pm local time, President Trump announced that the United States to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement, triggering concerns. French President Mucklow commented on the U. S. decision to terminate the Iran nuclear program, saying France, Germany and the United Kingdom were regretful about the decision to withdraw the agreement. The Ministry of foreign affairs of Iran announced that the Vice Minister of foreign affairs of Russia, Ryabkov, will visit Tehran in May 10th and held consultations with Arak, Vice Minister of foreign affairs of Iran, on the situation concerning the "Iraq nuclear agreement".gay spa