The days of being wiped out are not far away

If the rise in Dandong's floor prices showed a sudden confidence in the resolution of the North Korean nuclear crisis, the soaring two days of international oil prices reflected the world's anxiety about the recurrence of the nuclear crisis in Iran. Yes, May 12th is the deadline for us president Trump to threaten to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement. British Foreign Secretary Johnson is in Washington at the moment to make a final effort to save the Iran nuclear spa
But Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, actively encouraged "lesson Iran" before the deadline, "start earlier than do it later", and the Iran military's response was "the day that Israel was removed from the earth". Compared with the former US and North Korean leaders in exchange of "fire and anger" over the Pacific, the constant battle between Iran and Israel in the Middle East and the sporadic military conflict are more likely to worry about the possibility of a gun fire, and the fear of two regional powers will detonate the already fragile Middle East situation.
According to Reuters 7 reported that the US West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures broke through a high price of 70 dollars per barrel on Monday morning, reaching its highest level since November 2014. Beihai Brent crude oil prices also rose at the same time, breaking 75 U.S. dollars a barrel. Shanghai crude oil futures rose 3% on the same day, a record high since escort
May 12th is the deadline for Trump to set up a Iran nuclear agreement for Europe. Otherwise, he will refuse to extend the time limit for the lifting of sanctions against Iraq. A Japanese economist told the Bloomberg News Agency on 7 days that new sanctions would reduce Iran's crude oil supply to the global market and tighten the balance of supply and demand. U. S. PVM oil brokerage group analyst brenook said 7, the resumption of sanctions on Iran will reduce the country's crude oil output by up to 1 million barrels per day, enough to push oil prices up to 80 US dollars / male massage videos