The choice of the only foreigner is profound

On 7 days local time, Russian President Putin held a grand inauguration in the Moscow Kremlin in Moscow, officially opening fourth presidents, and about 5000 people attended his inauguration. After Putin took the oath of office and delivered a speech, he also spent some time shaking hands with 3 of the people standing in the front row. It is noteworthy that one of them is not Russian, but former German Chancellor Schroder. Foreign media interpreted this, Putin's move is quite male massage
At the 7 day of Putin's inauguration, few people have received a chance to shake hands with the Russian President at the 7 day inauguration of the Russian website and the German theLocal website. After swearing in and giving speeches, Putin chose to step down from the podium and shake hands with the 3 men standing in the front row. 2 of them were Kirill, the Eastern Orthodox patriarch bishop of Moscow and Russia, and the new Russian Prime Minister Medvedev, nominated by Putin. The other is Schroder, a former German Chancellor.
Schroder, who served as German prime minister from 1998 to 2005, established a friendship with Putin during his time in power and always supported a closer relationship between Germany and Russia. The German claimed to build an underwater pipeline through the Baltic Sea, so that Russia's natural gas could be transported to Germany directly. After resigning as prime minister, he was in charge of a natural gas pipeline construction project involving Russian and European companies. Since 2017, the German has been the chairman of the board of directors of the Russian oil company, and has a growing influence in sauna
German media believe that the handshake between Putin and Schroder has released further signals that the Russian government still regards Germany as a key interlocutor in the West. Not only that, but a few minutes after the inauguration ceremony, the Kremlin also announced that German Chancellor Merkel would make an official visit to Moscow. Whether the Germans took part in the 7 - day ceremony or Merkel's upcoming visit, it seemed to show that Putin believed Germany was the key to "ice breaking" between Russia and the West. In addition, Putin's German is also quite massage