Why most of the central cadres are deputy mayors

Friends who are concerned about the current affairs may notice that since the end of April, many areas in the country have been concentrating on "personnel adjustment", and even a number of cities have appointed several deputy mayors at once. In fact, this is just a notice from the central government early this year, which recently began to focus on landing. gay sauna
Although it seems conventional, there are many points to be said.
At the beginning of the year, it was called "the notice of focusing on cadres from the poor and cutting out to the west, the old industrial base and the old revolutionary area." 283 cadres from the Central Committee were sent to the "west old leather" area. The number of people, set a new high of the history of the middle group.
It has been noted that after the eighteen major, cadres in the "west old leather" region (western region, old industrial base and old revolutionary area) have been listed in the third round. Under the pressure of achieving the goal of comprehensively eliminating poverty in 2020, the arrangement for this post was unprecedented.
Three major posts for "west old leather"
The theme of the 3 batch of "Xi Lao Ge" post cadres is around "tackling poverty by tackling poverty".
At the end of 2013, the first batch of 241 cadres was appointed; in March 2016, 225 people were appointed; the number of Posts was 283.
Compared with the previous two times, the uniqueness of this post is not only reflected in the number of people.
First of all, the source of cadres is different.
At present, we can verify that in 2016, the cadres from the central and state organs, the central enterprise management and the Ministry of education directly belong to the members of the universities and colleges, and on the basis of the 2016, the cadres from the people's organizations have also launched the cadres of the people's groups. For example, there are two from the Chinese culture Federation and China in Anhui province. Cadres of the Young Entrepreneurs Association are appointed deputy mayor of Bengbu and Tongling.
In addition, the organizational unit of this post has also been expanded.gay escort
In 2016, only the relevant responsible persons of the Department of the CPC Central Committee participated in the collective speaking group, which meant that the post office activities were planned by the central organization department. This year, the "west old leather" was held by the central group, the Ministry of Finance and the State Council. The mobilization work was also held jointly by the central group and the State Council.
At present, only a few provinces and municipalities have released accurate number of cadres on duty. According to the statistics, 10 people in Anhui, 42 in Jiangxi, 15 in Shaanxi, 25 in Sichuan, 14 in Heilongjiang, 14 in Liaoning and 14 in Guangxi. Other Guizhou, Yunnan and Inner Mongolia announced relevant information, but only sporadically disclosed the location and number of posts. For example, Bijie, Guizhou, arranged 4 deputy mayor, Tongren City, Yunnan Yuxi and Kunming each one deputy mayor; Inner Mongolia two people, and so on.
In accordance with the usual practice, after the appointment of cadres to the place, first to the local organization department to report, and then to hold a collective forum, to briefly introduce the development of the local economic and social. The general assembly of the provincial Party committee and the Minister of the organization department were generally present at the meeting, but there were also "high specification" reception. For example, in April 28th, the Guangxi and the affiliated cadres were talking about Lu Xin she, the Secretary of the Autonomous Region Party committee. gay spa