He was inspected only 2 days after being the chief of the anti-corruption work group

The corruption of Shanxi has been added to a tiger again! On May 5th, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection reported that Pei Xiping, general manager of Yangquan coal industry group of Shanxi Province, was under investigation. Ironically, 2 days before being checked, Pei Xiping has just been appointed leader of the leading group of anti-corruption work.gay massage 
Public information showed that Pei Xiping was 56 years old this year, and just joined the work of the Yangquan Mining Bureau (now Yang Coal Group) Party school work, as a theoretical teaching and research staff, opened his work in Yangquan Coal Group for nearly 37 years. He has served as the manager of the three mine comprehensive service company, the head of the coal transportation and marketing office and the deputy general manager of the group. In 2012, he worked as the general manager of the Yangyang coal group.
The governor of Chang'an Avenue discovered that Pei had received a very sudden investigation, and his schedule was very full before he lost his job.
Shanxi coal system seventh tigers! He was inspected only 2 days after being the chief of the anti-corruption work group male massage
Yangquan Coal Group has 48 coal mines. In 2017, coal production ranked eighth in China's coal enterprises, the largest anthracite production base in China, and the largest chemical industry in Shanxi.
In May 2nd, Pei Xiping attended the signing ceremony of the cooperation between Yangmei group and Taiyuan University of Technology on the production of diamond from coal bed methane. The project is a key project in Shanxi province. Taiyuan University of Technology has just been selected as a "double first class". This contract was completed under the testimony of Shanxi provincial leaders.
In May 3rd, the SASAC news of Shanxi Province, Yang coal group set up a party secretary, chairman Zhai Hong, the Standing Committee of the Party committee, general manager Pei Xiping as the leader of the leadership group on corruption and unhealthy tendencies in the people's livelihood. According to the planning of Yangyang coal group, special rectification is divided into 4 stages, from May to August.
Unexpectedly, just 2 days, Pei Xiping fell out. gay male massage videos
Although the special rectification of Yangquan is to punish severely "micro corruption", Pei's problem will not be as simple as "micro". Little friends should know that another important event happened in Shanxi not long ago.
In April 17th, the two set of "economic half hour" section of CCTV, on the topic of "black protection" by the big polluters, reported the three dimensional group in the village of Zhao Cheng Li Li in Hongdong County, Linfen City, the illegal dumping of industrial waste residue and industrial waste water.
2 days later, the Ministry of environmental protection, the Shanxi provincial government and the Securities Regulatory Commission jointly punished the three dimensional listed companies. Then, on the 20 day, the first batch of 15 responsible persons including Hongdong county magistrate Xie Gao were dealt with in Linfen.
In April 28th, the Shanxi Provincial Commission for discipline supervision set up a special case group, which decided to dig out the "umbrella" behind the environmental pollution.