A man driving into a CAI building in Taiwan

(original title: sudden! A man in Taiwan crashed into a CAI office building and said he wanted to find Cai Yingwen.
Photo source: Taiwan Zhongtian news gay sauna
Overseas network May 4, according to Taiwan's "medium - time electronic newspaper" reported that today (4) at 3 p.m., a man in Taiwan drove into the gate of the CAI office building, but was immediately arrested by the surrounding "gendarmerie" and the criminal police of plain clothes. For the motive and purpose of the suspect, the police are still in the process of further understanding.
Reported that, according to preliminary understanding, the man drove to the gate of the CAI office building, said he wanted to find Cai Yingwen, because he felt he was hunted down. The police are still investigating whether the man is mentally abnormal or has something to show.gay escort
The Tsai building had been barred by a man with a knife. Last August 18th, Cai held a "parent-child day" event, and Cai Yingwen also attended. At 10 a.m. on the same day, a man took a motorcycle to stop at gate 4, skipped the short wall and cut a knife to hurt a "gendarmerie" standing in gate 4. "The gendarmerie" spattered blood and sent medical aid to the hospital on the spot. However, the man was immediately subdued by other "gendarmerie", and the police came to support him to carry the assailant.
The picture shows the warrior sword held by the men of CAI office. (source: Taiwan "central society")
According to a preliminary investigation by Taiwan police, Lv Junyi, a 51 year old man, first went to the military history museum to steal the Knights knives, and then broke into Tsai office, claiming to be "highlighting political positions". The knife has a great origin, and the handle of the knife is engraved with "seven people killed by the service of Nanjing", which is stained with a bloody murder knife. It records the practice of "killing competition" when Japanese officers invaded Purple Gold Mountain in Nanjing, and left an iron proof for the "Nanjing Massacre" in December 13, 1937.male massage
According to Taiwan's "China time electronic newspaper", Lv Junyi is a strong supporter of the reunification of the motherland. He once said on the Internet that "we sincerely hope that the civilized and powerful teachers of the motherland will be on the island as soon as possible, making the province of Taiwan truly the land of the Shenzhou, the two ocean." Taiwan police have found five star red flags in the bag he carried with him. Lv Junyi said that Taiwan is a part of China and is very enthusiastic about the reunification of the motherland. The reason why he is strong in Tsai office is to lift the five star red flag up and express his political position. gay spa
Last November 7th, the Taipei Academy of geography opened the court for Lv Junyi to break into the CAI office building in August 18th. Lv Junyi denied the intention of killing and explained in detail the passage into the Cai Yingwen office. Lv Junyi said, entering the Cai Yingwen office, "not to kill the gendarmerie", but to raise the five-star red flag.