John Chiang will go to Henan to visit Huang Di

1898 Huang Di hometown shrine worship Committee held a press conference on the 16 day of the news bulletin. Bulletin also said that Huang Di hometown shrine worship to the Chinese, "around the world with Huang Di worship activities increasing. gay massage
In the year of 1898, the old emperor of Huang Di's hometown will be held in the hometown of Huang Di in Xinzheng, Henan Province in April 18th (the 3th day of the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar). It is expected that nearly 10000 people from all over the world come to recognize their ancestors.
According to the introduction, this year's ancestor worship ceremony attracted thousands of Chinese federations, clan associations and fellow townsmen representatives from more than 40 countries and regions. Including the Taiwan Hakka delegation, the Taiwan part clansmen delegation and the representatives of the Hongkong and Macao youth delegations, the delegation of the overseas China peace and reunification Council is responsible for many teams such as the ginseng worship Corps. male massage
Wang Zhang, chairman of Zhengzhou Municipal Committee of CPPCC, said that the current grand ceremony is ready. John Chiang, former vice president of the Chinese Kuomintang, Chen Zhi, chairman of the board of Hongkong Tongluowan group, honorary chairman Ye Jingtao of the World Association of Chinese entrepreneurs, and Cao Yanling, vice president of the Council for the promotion of the peace and reunification of China, have decided to participate in the ceremony.
Wang Zhang said that, influenced by the influence of Huang Di's hometown worship ceremony, Chinese people all over the world organized "activities like the same theme and Huang Di" at the same time. This year, San Francisco in the United States was in April 8th local time, Macao in April 13th, Hongkong, Sydney of Australia, and Vancouver, Canada, respectively, in April 15th local time. Taiwan's "Yellow Emperor" campaign will be held in Taipei on the morning of April sauna
As a matter of fact, more and more countries and regions have begun to hold "the same worship of the Yellow Emperor" since Taiwan held in 2014, and more and more Chinese have organized this activity in local organizations, which not only embodies the national complex of the Chinese family with the same ancestor as the same ancestor, but also embodies the national complex of the same ancestor of the Chinese family. The value of the excellent traditional culture such as "peace, harmony and harmony" of the Chinese nation in the present and future era.