Experts talk about Sino US Relations: there is no collision,

Original title: what is the essential adjustment of US strategy toward China? The views of Chinese and American experts are very different. gay male massage
The debate on the core and trend of bilateral relations is once again spreading quietly in China and the United States.
At the media meeting of the 2018 annual meeting of the Boao Asian forum in April 8th, Zhang Yuyan, director of the World Institute of economic and political research of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the Sino US relations had entered a qualitative change period in 2017. China's GDP has reached the 2/3 of the United States. In a sense, this is a critical point, and the United States will consider its status in the world as a powerful massage
At another conference in the near future, Yuan Peng, vice president of the China Institute of modern international relations, said that although there was no vicious incident such as the collision and the "fry", it felt worse than that at that time. (the "collision" refers to the April 1, 2001 Sino-US South China Sea collision event; "fry" means 19. In the 99 year, the US B-2 bomber attacked the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia.
As a well-known American expert, Yuan Peng's argument is attracting attention.
From a Chinese perspective, the US government's recent series of actions should be concerned. According to the latest news of the Ministry of foreign affairs website in April 9th, foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told us that the US government had approved a marketing license to US manufacturers to sell submarine manufacturing technology to Taiwan and the U. S. high officials or the visit to Taiwan, urging the US side to abide by the one China principle and the three United States joint communique provisions of the United States and China to stop "the United States". To avoid serious damage to the Sino US relations and the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait.
On the 11 day, the US CNBC news channel quoted two analysts from the Eurasia Group group, a political risk information company, to report that the next conflict between China and the United States may be around the Taiwan spa
However, whether the U.S. Trump administration has a fundamental turning point in China's strategy and whether bilateral trade frictions will expand to other fields, American experts and scholars still hold reservations.