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(original title: the CPC Central Committee and the State Council's Guiding Opinions on supporting Hainan's comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up).gay escort
Xinhua news agency, Beijing, April, 14, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council's Guiding Opinions on supporting Hainan's comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up.
Five, innovate the system and mechanism of promoting the construction of international tourism consumption center.
To further promote the construction of international tourism island, continue to optimize the development environment, further open the field of tourism consumption, actively cultivate new tourism consumption and new hot spots, improve the level of high-end tourism consumption, promote the upgrading of tourism consumption, further release the potential of tourism consumption, and actively explore the new path of the development of consumer economy. gay male massage 
(twelve) expand the development space of tourism consumption. A more open and convenient Islands tax-free shopping policy is implemented to achieve the full coverage of Islands passengers and increase the tax-free shopping quota. It supports Hainan's opening of transnational cruise routes, and supports Sanya and other cruise ports to carry out pilot trials on the high seas and speeds up Sanya's development towards cruise ports. Relax the control of yacht tourism. We must advance the development of Xisha's tourism resources and open the island tour steadily. To fully implement and perfect the Boao loecheng International Medical Tourism first zone policy, encourage the development and application of new medical technology, new equipment and new drugs, and formulate the policy of facilitating the diagnosis and treatment of the outbound patients. We should promote the integration of culture and tourism, vigorously develop new cultural consumption such as animation, games, Internet culture and digital content, and promote the upgrading of traditional culture consumption. Foreign capital should be allowed to set up a performance broker in Hainan, allowing foreign investment to set up operating units in the approved cultural tourism industrial agglomeration area in Hainan Province, and the performance programs should be in accordance with national laws and policies. Turisthotellet is allowed to receive overseas TV channels authorized by the state. We should support the construction of national sports training south base and Provincial Sports Center in Hainan, encourage the development of beach sports, water sports, horse racing and other projects, and support the building of national sports tourism demonstration area. Explore and develop competitive sports lottery and large international competitions, namely lottery. Explore supporting tourism projects from spatial planning, land supply and resource utilization.gay club