Does the mainland stop sending a pass to the Taiwan Strait?

At the end of the year, local elections will take place in Taiwan. The island is widely known. After September, the tourists from the mainland to Taiwan will be tightened, and the industry is expected to see the collapse of the travel agency. gay male massage
Taiwan "United Evening News" 12, said the recent industry has repeatedly passed the March landlocked Group signed stop hair, April to September quotas cut half of the news, and even the mainland will stop sending mainland residents to Taiwan pass. Xiao Boren, director of the association of travel business associations in Taiwan, said that the estimate of the travel agency for Lu guest was not up to September. If no landlocked visitors came in, the tide could occur. The United News Network 12, said that the Beijing Office of the Taiwan brigade said that there is no information in Beijing, nor any wind and grass, the mainland recently launched "Hui Taiwan 31 measures", it is not possible to stop sending a pass to strike a trip to Taiwan. The people also said that the mainland tourism project management to promote the guide certificate, leader certificate, "two certificates and one system", the Provincial Tourism Bureau will notify the tour guide, the leader of the certificate, can not be inferred to limit the arrival of the landlord regiment.male massage
The Global Times reporter sent a call to the exit and entry administration team of Beijing Public Security Bureau on 12 th, and the other side said he had not heard the news of stopping the issuance of the pass. A tourist consultant in Beijing, China Travel Agency, told the global times that "it is only a little more stringent recently that the Immigration Department of the Ministry of internal affairs of Taiwan has been examined a little more strictly, so the waiting time for the entry permit may increase, and it will take 3 to 5 working days".
Huang Jiezheng, a scholar of the University of light River, said that in the past, when the election was especially "presidential election" in Taiwan, Lu Fang would remind visitors not to see the bustle or trouble on the occasion, but there should be no restrictions on the number of people, and there had never been an example of the conflict between the landlord and the Taiwanese. Huang Zhengcong, an associate professor of the Department of tourism in Jingyi University, believes that the "nine in one election" is only a local election, not as sensitive as the "presidential election", and the mainland does not take too strong measures.
However, the collective anxiety of island tourism is an indisputable fact. Lai Zhengyi, director of the Tourism Hotel Association 12, said that although he didn't think the mainland would stop issuing passes, the two star and Samsung hotel did suffer a lot. Since a year and a half, the mainland group has plunged to only more than 2000 people a day, although the free land passenger has climbed, but in the whole, it has dropped from more than 400 million people to about 2000000 people, and the impact is considerable. He appealed to the DPP authorities to take the interests of the majority of the people as a priority rather than just for election.
Li Qiyue, director of the high quality tourism development association, said that because of the election, the number of landlocked visitors in September and October must be dropped, although the mainland officials will not have the action, but the mainland travel agency and Lu guest will naturally avoid sensitive time. Xu Gaoqing, director of the Taiwan international tourism and rescue service association, said the mainland did not want land visitors to visit Taiwan during the election period. In September, it is bound to borrow a passport to control the volume of the landlord, especially the guest part. He lamented that the tourist industry had been unable to bear the "straight landing" of the land, only to negotiate in private to maintain the basic landlock, "but the government has been paralyzed." gay massage