Huang Bingshi was relieved from the post of vice chairman of the Korean State Council.

Xinhua news agency, Pyongyang, April 12, according to the 12 DPRK report, Huang Bingshi was held at the sixth meeting of the thirteenth Supreme People's meeting held on 11, and was removed from the post of vice chairman of the DPRK's State escort
The report said that, in accordance with the proposal of Kim Jeong-eun, chairman of the State Council of the DPRK, the deputy chairman of the state committee of the representative of Huang Bing was removed from the office of the vice chairman of the Council of state. He was relieved of the duties of the members of his male representative, the Li Wanjian representative, and the state committee of Jin Yuanhong. Zheng Jingze is a member of the State Council.
At the fourth session of the thirteenth session of the Supreme People's Congress, the previous National Defense Committee was adapted to the State Council. Kim Jeong-eun was elected chairman of the State Council, and in accordance with Kim Jeong-eun's proposal, he elected Huang Bing, Pu Fengzhu and Cui Longhai as vice chairman of the State Affairs Committee, and elected men, Pu Yongzhi, Li Zhuyong, Li Wanjian, Jin Yingzhe, Kim Yuan Hong and other members of the State massage
Other organizational issues were also discussed at the 11 day meeting. Pu Fengzhu, the Prime Minister of the cabinet, reported on the work of the cabinet in 2017 and the work task of 2018. The financial phase of the state budget was reported on the state budget in 2017 and the state budget in 2018. The meeting passed the report of the cabinet work and the final accounts and the national budget.
The Supreme People's conference is the supreme authority of the DPRK. Its representatives are elected every five years. The annual meeting of the Supreme People's Congress is held to discuss the implementation of the national economic budget and the budget for the year, and discuss personnel spa