The Russian Syrian fleet has been quietly out of the sea

Overseas network April 12 (Xinhua) threatened to attack Syria in the United States, and has sent the aircraft carrier combat group to Europe and the Mediterranean background, the Russian side is not waiting to be killed. According to the latest satellite images, the Russian naval fleet stationed at the Syria military base has gone from the port to the sea, which is also considered to be the measures taken by the Russian navy to deal with the US against the Syrian massage
According to Russian media Monavista, from the latest satellite photos, the Russian naval fleet stationed at the Syria military base has left its berth in Tartous port and sailed to the sea. Russian media believe that the Russian Navy's action is to prevent the us from launching any attack on Syria at any time.
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In the earlier satellite photos, 11 Russian ships were neatly anchored in the Tartous port, but only one Kilo submarines were left in the satellite pictures taken in April 11th, and most of the ships were missing.
It is understood that the Russian navy has deployed a "Mediterranean subfleet" in Tartous port, which is composed of 10-15 destroyers, frigates, submarines and auxiliary ships, composed of other troops, such as the Pacific Fleet and the Black Sea fleet.
Recently, the situation in Syria has escalated due to the suspected chemical weapons attack, and the war between the US and Russia has intensified. The The Associated Press said earlier that the Syria government forces and their allies have taken precautionary measures against the national military bases and outposts to prevent the us from carrying out military strikes. The Russian "point of view" 10 reported that the western countries threatened the military attack on Syria in the city of Duma City, Syria, and Russia has been in "combat readiness" in three aspects of land, sea and sauna
President Trump also made frequent statements recently. On the 11 day, he was tweeting Russia. "Russia threatened to shoot down any and all missiles launched to Syria. Get ready, Russia, because missiles are coming, new and smart.