Wait for the missile to fly right away

Trump said in his tweets, Russia vowed to shoot down every missile that flew to Syria. Ready, Russia, missiles will come, new and smart missiles. You should not be associated with a "beast" who uses chemical poison to kill people and enjoy slaughter. gay sauna
According to the Reuters, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman quickly responded that "smart" missiles should fly to terrorists, not a legitimate government.
According to previous reports, on the Syria government forces "using chemical weapons" strongly condemned Russia, the US Truman aircraft carrier strike group 12 will go to the Mediterranean. The fleet includes the "Normandy" missile cruiser, "Ali Burke", "ballklee", "Forrest Sherman" and "farrag" missile destroyer. Later, the "Jason Dunham" and "Sullivan" missile destroyers will also join. The whole battalion has about 6500 officers and soldiers. The German Isaacson class frigate Hesse, Germany Isaacson (FGS Hessen) will also be with the U.S. aircraft carrier strike group joint action. gay male massage 
Trump said: Russia to wait for the U.S. missile immediately fly to Syria map "Truman" aircraft carrier. (Reuters)
At the same time, the European Aviation Security Agency (EASA) issued a notice on 10 days, suggesting that all airlines should strengthen the safety control of flights in the eastern Mediterranean in the next 72 hours in response to possible military operations.
Russia's strong response said that Russian land and sea have been in a "combat readiness" state, and any missile launched by the United States to Syria will be shot down and the launch platform will be aimed. Russian ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zaskin (Alexander Zasypkin), also warned that the Russian military retained the right to shoot down missiles and destroy launching platforms under the US aggression against Syria. The ambassador also said that the allegations of the use of chemical weapons by the Syria government were used only as a reason for aggression, and "the action of the United States and the West will lead to a large-scale escalation of the war in Syria." gay spa