China built a military base in Vanuatu

[Global Times - global network reporter Guo Fang] "a word, fake news!" 10, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang rarely used a sentence of English, clearly and forcefully responded to the questions of foreign media reporters. The reporter said that Australian media reported that China is planning to build a military base in Vanuatu, South Pacific. gay sauna
Geng Shuang said to the reporter, "I think you should also notice that the foreign minister of Vanuatu has interviewed the media about this issue and clarified it. gay escort
According to Australia Broadcasting Corporation 10 reported, Vanuatu foreign minister Regenvanu said that the Australian Fairfax media's so-called two countries are in the initial consultations are false news, he is not happy, "we hope that Australia's hysteria to China is not used to break or defamation of Australia and Vanuatu. Friendly relations. He said, "we are non aligned countries and are not interested in militarization. We are not interested in Vanuatu's construction base. gay massage