American media: Trump is out of control

The decision of US President Trump in April 5th to threaten to impose tariffs on China's extra $100 billion in export commodities, triggering a shock in the US market, but his decision seems not to be a deliberate result. U. S. media Axios local time 8 reported that Trump had little discussion with White House officials, "self" made the decision to consider additional tariff.male massage
Axios reported that senior government officials at the White House had never met with Trump's decision to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this historic threat comprehensively. Trump didn't ask Kudelo, the new national economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, but regarded it as a fait accompli. Kelly, the chief executive of the White House, knew that Trump wanted to impose additional duties, but I didn't expect trump to announce so soon. John Kelly Schott, a legislative affairs director who coordinates the relationship between the White House and Congress, has no idea about Marc Short.  gay sauna
But not all members of the White House knew anything about it. On the morning of April 5th, the topic was mentioned at the White House senior officials' meeting. Trump also asked the finance minister Mnuchin (Steven Mnuchin) prepared in 5 days before the "threat of content". An official revealed that after accepting the order of Trump, Mnuchin told his chief of staff and talked with trade representative lett hither.
However, some officials are still as information opaque anger not yet appeased. They believe that Trump didn't announce the new decision without substantive internal debate of the White House, which led to the surprise of Congress and the market shock. Axios estimates that Trump has been uncontrolled and "pulled the us to the edge of trade war at a dangerous speed".gay escort
Recently, a number of White House officials came to "fire" to ease the situation and appease the market. In an interview with Cbs Broadcasting Inc (CBS) on 8 th, US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin said that the US hopes to continue consultations with China. However, he also claims that if China fails to achieve the expectations of the United States, the United States is ready to "defend itself" hard.