The United States declared sanctions against a number of Russian individuals and entities

October 24, 2017 local time, Washington, U. S. President Trump attended the Republican policy luncheon, and the demonstrators threw the Russian flag to Trump. Visual Chinese data
The CCTV news client reported on April 7th that the US Treasury Department 6 announced that it would impose sanctions on a number of Russian individuals and entities to respond to the so-called "all malevolent acts of Russia in the world." gay massage 
United States sanctions "aim" Russian business people
The sanctions include 7 Russian business leaders and 12 enterprises they owned or controlled, as well as 17 Russian senior officials, as well as a Russian state-owned weapon import and export enterprise and its subordinates.
According to the partial list of the US media now, this round of Russian senior officials and business leaders who are sanctioned by the US include male massage
Vladimir kolokoltsev, Russian interior minister.
Nicola Patrushev, Secretary General of Russian Federation Safety Committee.
Alexei Kumin, the governor of the Russian state of the state of Russia.
Suleiman Klimov, a member of the Russian Federation Committee (upper house of parliament), is a billionaire.
Oleg Jeripasca, chairman of the world's largest aluminum producer, "Russian Aluminum Company".
Victor Vecselberg, the Russian based Renova group owner.
Vladimir Bogdanov, the top Russian oil company. gay escort 
U. S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin 6 said the sanctions were based on a sanctions bill signed by US President Trump last year against Russia, Iran, and North Korea, and a "Moscow Kremlin report" issued by the US Treasury in January this year - a list of 114 senior Russian government officials. Name and position, and 96 Russian oligopoly list with net assets of more than 1 billion US dollars.
According to the sanction regulation, the assets of the sanctioned individuals and entities in the US will be frozen, and the US citizens can't trade with them. Non US citizens may also be sanctioned for trading with or on behalf of them. gay spa