That first instance jailed for 24 years

Overseas network, April 6 local time at 2:10 local time, 6 p.m. local time, the central local court of Seoul, the central court of the Republic of Korea on the "dry government door" case for first trial, 18 charges, 66 years old, the former president of South Korea Pu Jinhui was sentenced to 24 years, was sentenced to 18 billion won (about 106 million yuan) fine. The 16 accusations of Park Geun hye were found guilty.
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South Korean people watch the live broadcast of the first trial of Park Geun hye
According to the Yonhap news agency, Pu Jinhui met with Lawyer Liu Ming Xia at 1:30 p.m. before the sentencing of the first instance. Around 4:10 p.m., Liu Mingxia ended his meeting and left the detention center.
According to the regulations, lawyer Liu Mingxia can't carry the mobile phone with Park Geun hye. It is reported that Pu Jinhui also did not see the live broadcast of the first instance sentencing. But during the meeting, Liu Mingxia got the result of the first judgement of the park Geun hye case and told him about it.
Reported that Pu Jinhui was informed that the outcome of the trial, the moment, but no response, particularly calm. male massage  
According to South Korea's Channel A news network, in 2.5 hours of Liu Mingxia's lawyer's meeting with Park Geun hye, Pu Jinhui did not mention the result of his first trial sentence. Liu Mingxia also explained to Pu Jinhui the subsequent proceedings, but park Geun hye did not make any statements about whether to protest.
On the same day, a spokesman for the South Korean presidential palace Chong Wa Dae issued a written comment that "the forgotten history is restaged, and it will not be forgotten", according to the overseas network. She says the former President Park Geun hye will feel It differs from man to man. but today, everyone will feel sad. No matter for the whole country or for individuals, it's very sauna