The United States will impose extra tariffs on China

In response to the US president's request to the US trade representative office to study whether additional tariffs are imposed on China's 100 billion exports, foreign ministry spokesman Lu genera today (6) said that the Chinese side has paid attention to the United States spa China's position on Sino US economic and trade issues has been very clear. We don't want to fight, but we are not afraid to fight trade wars. On the US statement, we will listen to his words and deeds. If the US side, regardless of the opposition from China and the international community, persists in unilateralism and trade protectionism, gay male massage videos

the Chinese side will be accompanied by the end. At any cost, it will resolutely fight back, and must adopt a new comprehensive response to resolutely defend the interests of the state and the people. gay

Lu genera stressed that the Sino US economic and trade conflict was a provocation by the United States and was essentially a provocation of global multilateralism and American protectionism to global free trade by the United States unilateralism. China will continue to expand reform and opening up, safeguard the multilateral trading system and promote the liberalization and facilitation of Global trade and investment.